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What are the side effects of sleeping pills

What are the side effects of sleeping pills with the acceleration of the pace of life and the aggravation of the burden of life, people's sleep has become the biggest enemy of health. More and more people have insomnia. Many people have no choice but to choose valium tablets to maintain their sleep. Do you know what side effects valium tablets have? Let's take a look at it together!

Common side effects of diazepam tablets

1. Taking diazepam tablets for a long time is prone to drowsiness and fatigue

Fatigue, vertigo, fatigue, memory loss, mental weakness and drowsiness are common side effects of taking diazepam tablets for a long time. Taking diazepam tablets in large doses may also cause symptoms such as blurred vision, excitement, anxiety, etc., and some people may also have rashes, drug fever, etc. For patients with apnea, because diazepam can prolong the time of apnea, it will increase the incidence of sudden death.

2. Taking diazepam tablets for a long time will lead to addiction

Sleeping drugs are addictive to a certain extent. If you stop taking them for a long time, you will have withdrawal syndrome, dizziness, insomnia, mania, anxiety, convulsion and convulsion. If you take too long, you can't stop taking the medicine suddenly. You should gradually reduce the dosage. The dosage of diazepam sleeping pills should be reduced by one tenth every day until you stop taking the medicine.

3. Long term use of diazepam tablets is prone to psychological dependence

Patients who take sleeping drugs for a long time may have mental dependence. Once they don't take the drugs, they can hardly fall asleep.

4. Long term use of diazepam may cause personality change

Diazepam has a certain inhibitory effect on the brain. Taking it for a long time may lead to changes in personality, emotional apathy, or irritability. Often, people get angry because of small things, which makes interpersonal relationships very tense.