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What should we pay attention to when we move in a new house

What do you need before you move in the new house? Remember these precautions and protect the finished decoration of your new house. Let's talk about what we should pay attention to when we move in the new house?

I. pay attention to finished product protection when moving

Do not bump the decorative finish when moving. There is a decorative surface on the wall and floor after decoration. The repair effect after damage is worse than that of the original decoration. It's a pity to damage it easily. Therefore, when moving, we should handle it with care. Large furniture must be planned in advance before moving. It is better to disassemble it into parts and assemble it after moving in.

II. Do not forget to be familiar with the maintenance and use of new house materials

After moving into the new house, you should first have a certain understanding of the materials used in the decoration and their maintenance, and be familiar with the location and use of various sockets such as electricity, water, communication, television, etc.

Before using electrical appliances for the first time, especially the electric kettle, electric water heater, electric rice cooker, disinfection cabinet, etc., it is better to check whether the electrical appliances are damp, whether the plug and wire are complete and safe; when using water for the first time, the water in the water pipe should be drained until the color of the water becomes clear.

III. timely deal with the decoration problems in the new house

In the process of using any decoration project, some quality defects may occur, mainly in two cases. First, during the construction, the failure, damage and defect in use due to the nonstandard operation shall be repaired by the construction unit free of charge.

The second is the damage caused by carelessness in the use of the family. During the warranty period, the original construction unit should also be responsible for repairing, but the family owner should give economic compensation as appropriate, generally the material cost and labor cost should be compensated.

After settling in

Get necessary permits: Community pass, vehicle pass, parking permit, dog pass, etc. Take the initiative to say hello to neighbors, get to know each other, and establish a preliminary neighborhood relationship.

In a word, if you want to have a good time in your new house, you should do everything you need to pay attention to after you move in, and then you can enjoy your new house.