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Who won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature? What literature works do you have

Who won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature? What literature works do you have the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature opened recently, and Murakami, who has no suspense, ran with him again and was taken away by the British literary prize of Japanese origin. Do you know who won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature? What literary contributions does he have? Let's have a look!

At 7 p.m. on October 5, the Nobel Prize Review Committee of Swedish Academy of Arts announced that the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature would be awarded to Japanese born British writer Ishiguro. The awarding words said: 'his novel is full of passionate power. Under the illusion that we are connected with the world, he shows a deep abyss. The first Jingdong literature award of Jingdong book was successfully held. Amos Oz, an Israeli writer who has won the international writers and works award of the Jingdong literary award, has been predicted as a hot winner of the Nobel Prize by Ladbrokes. Unfortunately, he missed the Nobel Prize this year. The unveiling of the results also triggered a boom in China. The new winners became a hot topic in social media for the first time, and the works of the winners, whose original sales volume was flat, also became the hot money of book e-commerce in an instant. With the release of media analysis and book review, reading the classic of Nobel Prize has become a new fashion of National Day holiday.

Reading for the whole people, deepening the public's reading business, and generally improving

Once upon a time, people's discussion of the Nobel Prize for literature remained at the level of "very high prize" and "whether Chinese won it or not". With the reading for all being written into the government work report for four consecutive years, and this year's formulation of "advocating reading for all" upgraded to "vigorously promoting reading for all", the "reading for all" that the government promotes the response of the people has achieved initial results. According to the 2017 national reading report released by Jingdong Data Research Institute, 27% of the users who first bought books through the Jingdong platform in 2016 chose to buy children's books and teaching aids, followed by novels, examinations and literature. Content is also the decisive factor in the book market. More and more Chinese love reading, and reading habits and atmosphere have been formed. Under the environment of loving reading, multi reading and deep reading, the book market continues to expand, and classic literary works are more and more popular in the market.

Popular Literature Awards' ability to carry goods' strong classic works are attracting more readers

The popular literary awards have been playing an important role in promoting the sales of literary works. After the results of Nobel Prize winners' works are announced, they will have a sales peak in Jingdong books. This year, Yan Lianke, a Chinese writer, and Amos Oz, an Israeli writer, who were shortlisted in Ladbrokes prediction list, have also seen their sales increase. Ozzie's "the picture of rural life" is also the first Jingdong literature award-winning work of the year for international writers, and it has become a landmark work connecting the selection of two different literary styles.

Different from the academic style of the Nobel Prize for literature, the selection process of the Jingdong prize for literature is open and public voting is set up. The jury is led by Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner, Wang Meng, the honorary vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Liang Xiaosheng, the contemporary writer, Fang Wenshan, the famous songwriter, Bi Feiyu, the Mao Dun Prize winner, Shi Hang, Jiang Fangzhou, Luo Yonghao, Lang Yongchun, Ju Ping, etc The judges are composed of both professional and popular books. The selection range covers both domestic and international, including traditional and cutting-edge works. The subjects are more abundant from children to adults. The individual bonus of the award is up to 1 million yuan, which is also the highest in China.

With the upgrading of the reading needs of the whole people and the improvement of the reading ability of the whole people, the unity of the ideological and artistic, literary value and readability of literary works has been widely concerned. The selection of Literature Awards not only pays attention to the content and artistic taste of works, but also gradually reflects the social influence on works and the tendency to combine with the current social development hotspot. Classic literary works have entered the market and become a kind of "pleasant reading" for the whole people, which is also in line with the author's original intention of creation. With the finalization of the new Nobel Prize for literature, I believe that the book market, which has shown a high-speed growth trend, may soon usher in a small peak of sales.

In response to this wave of "Nobel literature fever", Jingdong books has opened a special area for Nobel Prize in the offline stores of Jingdong house, Zhouwangcheng square, Luoyang, Henan, Yongwang, Changping, Jingdong house, Chengdu Jinyang, Nanchang West Lake Wanda, Yunnan Datian, Xicheng era, Suzhou Wuzhong Wanda, Jingdong house, etc., and held the theme activity of "let's play double prize" to promote Nobel Prize Popular works of bell prize for literature and prize winning works of Jingdong prize for literature. Through the innovative and intelligent retail stores that Jingdong focuses on, the most popular literary works are delivered to consumers for the first time. The new literary activities represented by the Jingdong literary award will play an increasingly important role in the future development of the book industry.