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How often do husband and wife share a room? How often does husband and wife have sex?

For normal couples, how long is the best time to have sex? A harmonious sex life can effectively improve the life interest. Often men ask, how long is the best time for couples to have sex? In fact, the normal time for couples to have sex will fluctuate greatly, so they don't have to worry too much about endurance. Everyone's time is different, so how long is normal?

In the new marriage period, men usually complain that their wives are somewhat cold, while most young wives think that men are too keen on sex; on the contrary, women in their thirties and forties tend to desire sex more than men of the same age, while men often have more than enough strength.

The frequency of visibility life is a topic that many couples care about. Many people will ask out of concern for themselves and their partners: how often is it appropriate for me?

In fact, due to the great differences between individuals, even in the same age, the frequency of sexual life of different couples can vary a lot, so do not regard the frequency of others as your own standard.

According to the influence of age on sexual ability, American scholars have summed up a formula of "sexual frequency" -- sexual frequency = ten digits of age & prime; 9. The ten digits of the product are the time, and the one digit is the number of sexual intercourse during the time.

For example, men in their 30s, 3 & prime; 9 = 27, should have sex seven times in 20 days, about once in three days, without affecting their health and working conditions. This formula applies to adults over the age of 30 (see below).

In my 30s, 3x9 = 27, i.e. 7 times in 20 days (once in 3 days)

40 years old, 4x9 = 36, i.e. 6 times in 30 days (once in 5 days)

Over 50 years old, 5x9 = 45, i.e. 5 times in 40 days (once in 8 days)

Over 60 years old, 6x9 = 54, i.e. 4 times in 50 days (once in 12 days)

However, these are only artificial regulations, and reflect the habits of European and American people. There are differences in diet, constitution and living habits between Asians and European and American people, so the above frequency may not be consistent with the situation in Chinese real life.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, sexual life should be done according to one's ability. As mentioned in the Sutra of plain women, people have strength, age, and strength. '

According to modern medicine, the mark of whether sex life is suitable is that both husband and wife agree with each other, and both sides feel refreshed and comfortable after each sex life.

From a physiological point of view: the essence of sexual life is a kind of 'release process' of sexual energy. I've heard of the overflow of essence. Experts have made a metaphor like this: the water in the sluice accumulates little by little, and when it reaches a certain limit, it needs to be opened for drainage.