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What's the matter with the iPhone 8 charging blowout last year, Samsung bombed, and this year, apple bombed. It's not safe to buy a mobile phone these days. In recent days, the iPhone 8 has split when charging. The frightened friends cover their pockets quickly. Many of them who plan to change the iPhone 8 cannot help but ask, is the iPhone 8 bursting common? Let's take a look at it!

Recently, the iPhone 8 series of mobile phones have charging problems in Japan and Taiwan. According to aviation experts, after the "forbidden to fly" experienced cold sales and noisy phone calls, the iPhone 8 series of mobile phones have charging problems in Japan and Taiwan. On September 28, a Taiwanese user's iPhone 8 plus soon discovered that the case of the phone was cracked after charging. South Korea economic news said earlier that the battery supplier of iPhone 8 series was Samsung note 7 battery supplier, but Taiwan media also mentioned that the battery problem of iPhone 8 was not exactly the same as the explosion of Samsung note 7.

Apple confirmed to the Beijing News on September 29 that it had received the aforementioned problem machine from Taiwan users. The preliminary investigation showed that there was a swelling of the battery, but it was not a serious safety incident, which had nothing to do with the explosion. Once confirmed, the detailed investigation results will be released. However, apple did not respond to the situation of battery suppliers.

Yesterday evening, apple opened higher and lower, still up 0.31% at 9:35, but then fell, down 0.52% to $152.48 at 9:54.

A user's iPhone 8 bursts when charging in Taiwan

Taipei Zhongtian news and Dongsen News reported on Tuesday that a woman surnamed Wu in Taiwan charged her iPhone 8 plus phone on the 26th, about three minutes later, when she found that the phone's shell had cracked, but she did not hear any crackle, so she pulled out the plug in a hurry. Ms. Wu said: 'it's very dangerous to find out ahead of time, or it might burn up.' I started using the iPhone 4 and used many of them, which is the first time I met them. '

According to the pictures taken by the media, the back panel and screen of the mobile phone are cracked from the inside, and the battery expands for unknown reasons. The crack is about 0.5cm, but the appearance is not damaged, so the mobile phone can still be used normally. Ms. Wu said that the original charging line was used, and the mobile phone had not been dropped, and it would burst suddenly for some reason.

Two days ago, a Japanese netizen also said on twitter that the newly purchased iPhone 8 plus could not be used due to the screen bulge caused by the battery expansion, with photos. He later added that he feared that the explosion would first put the mobile phone into the pot and wait for recycling.

Apple confirmed to the reporter of Beijing news that it had received the aforementioned problem machine from Taiwan users. The preliminary investigation shows that there is a swelling of the battery, but it is not a serious safety incident, which has nothing to do with the explosion. Once confirmed, the detailed investigation results will be released. In addition, users in Taiwan should now have the new machine replaced, which will not affect their use for the time being.

The battery supplier is the same as Samsung Apple: no response

Before the launch of Apple's new product, Yonhap reported that most of the hardware of the iPhone 8 came from Samsung, including NAND flash memory, flexible OLED panel, OLED touch panel, dual camera component and PCB PCB PCB.

On September 11, South Korea economic news said that Apple's iPhone 8 series and iPhone x use Samsung SDI and LG Chem batteries, and SDI is also a supplier of Samsung note 7 batteries. The iPhone x is a combination of two batteries.

Dongsen news also mentioned that according to the situation that ifixit disassembled the iPhone 8 plus before, the cell phone battery really came from the Samsung SDI factory, the same factory as the Samsung problem machine note 7, but compared with note 7, it exploded directly and emitted white smoke. The condition of the two iPhones mentioned above is that the battery inflated and opened the back cover of the mobile phone without any reason, which seems to be endless with the Note7 mobile phone explosion All the same.

Xu Zhiping, the online analysis director of mobile newspaper, told the Beijing news that the cell of iPhone cell phone battery generally comes from SDI and ATL, and SDI accounts for a large proportion. The battery pack mainly comes from Xinwangda and Desai. Generally speaking, if there is a battery problem, it must be a battery problem. Of course, this is an industry chain. If there is a battery problem, the downstream battery pack factory will also be affected.

The batteries of Samsung note 7 that exploded before also mainly came from SDI and ATL, among which SDI accounted for 70% of the orders, ATL accounted for 30% of the orders, and SDI was used for the exploded Note7 batteries. Xu Zhiping said that after the explosion, Samsung decided to increase the order of ALT and note 7 didn't use SDI batteries. However, the batteries of the new note 8 are also provided by SDI and Murata in Japan.

He also mentioned that there are some similarities between Samsung's Note7 and iPhone 8 series, such as wireless charging technology. In order to increase wireless charging, fast charging and other functions, the battery capacity of the iPhone 8 series has been reduced (2750 MAH, lower than the previous generation's 2900 MAH). Note 7 previously compressed a large amount of batteries into a narrow space in order to create a thinner body.

However, regarding the battery supplier's situation, apple told reporters, 'we will not respond to the supplier information. '

Question closely

Will iPhone 8 be banned from airplanes? Aviator: problem expansion will be banned

On the afternoon of September 29, a netizen (nickname: a restless girl) joked on Weibo: 'after the Samsung bombing, Apple may not let the iPhone 8 get on the plane after the bombing. '

In the second half of last year, after the explosion of Samsung Note7, many domestic airlines successively issued a 'ban' on Samsung Note7, forbidding passengers to take the Samsung Note7.

As for whether the iPhone 8 will also be banned from flying, Xu Zhiping said that if there is a problem with the iPhone 8's battery, it will certainly face such a situation, because it involves security issues. But he also said that now it's hard to say whether Apple is an accident or whether their products have problems. It remains to be observed.

Liu Qicheng, a telecom expert, also said that in terms of the two incidents that have been exposed at present, he still regards it as a question of product yield. But if there are four or five, it may be that there are some problems with the product.

Fu Liang, a senior Telecom analyst, said that the reason for the battery explosion may not only lie in the battery, but also in the combination of the battery and the mobile phone, as well as the heat dissipation near the battery. At present, it is uncertain that the iPhone has the design defect like Samsung Note7.

In an interview with the Beijing News, another aviation industry person said that if the iPhone 8 problem expands, it will be banned from the aircraft like the Samsung note 7, but it may be that the problem will occur on the aircraft, so the aviation side will respond.