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How to clean and maintain laminate flooring

How to clean and maintain laminate flooring

Knowledge of choosing laminate flooring

1. Identification from the package

The name, address, use instruction and executive standard of the manufacturer shall be marked in Chinese on the floor package produced by the regular manufacturer. Since 2007, the national standard of laminate flooring has been implemented. Its name and number is the national standard of the people's Republic of China (GB 18580-2007). Well known brands not only have the test report produced by the authoritative department of quality inspection of our country, but also have complete marks on the packaging box of the products. Registered trademark, manufacturer, business unit, model, quantity, address, telephone number, etc. Here to remind a sentence, do not covet cheap to buy three no laminate flooring, in order to avoid being cheated.

2. Products with business history and famous brands are preferred

Laminate flooring is a high-tech products, from the appearance, it is very difficult to distinguish the quality of good or bad, unless through quality inspection. Therefore, we suggest that consumers buy brand products. Well known brands have generally passed the test of market operation and have established a good image in the minds of consumers. Famous brands not only guarantee the quality of products, but also are responsible for laying and installation. What's more, the service is guaranteed in the future, so you can feel at ease when you buy one, and you can also avoid worries in the future.

3. Select wear-resistant revolution

The wear resistance of laminate flooring mainly depends on the content of aluminum oxide in the surface layer, and a certain number of wear-resistant revolutions corresponds to a certain content of aluminum oxide. For the home floor wear-resistant revolution is usually more than 6000 rpm, and in public places is usually more than 9000 rpm, you can choose as needed.

4. Free formaldehyde emission

There is a certain amount of formaldehyde in laminate flooring. If it exceeds the national index value (1.5mg/l), it will be harmful to human body. When purchasing, it is most suitable to choose the products with national environmental protection mark certification or inspection free products.

5. Water resistance

The water resistance is reflected by the index of water absorption thickness expansion rate. If the index value is high, the water resistance is poor, that is to say, it is easy to cause dimensional change in humid environment. Must not listen to the misleading of waterproof floor, only moisture-proof floor, there is no waterproof wooden floor at present.

6. Select substrate density

The density of laminate flooring substrate (high density fiberboard) should be 0.82-0.96g/cm3, too low or too high density is not suitable.

7. Select machining accuracy

After 6-12 pieces of floor are assembled on the flat ground, observe whether the machining accuracy is flat and smooth, whether the tenon and groove bite is appropriate, and whether it is too loose or too tight. At the same time, carefully check the assembly height difference and gap size between the floors.

Cleaning of laminate flooring

1. Laminate flooring in use after a period of time will remain stains, if the stain is heavy flowers, you can use a cloth dipped in some rice washing water directly wipe the surface, or you can wash rice water evenly sprayed on the floor, after 5 minutes with dry cloth to dry.

2. Usually you can use a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom to clean the dust on the floor surface, and then wipe the floor with a mop or cloth after being soaked. After wiping, you should open the doors and windows to let the air circulate and take away the moisture from the place.

3. If the gum really sticks to the floor, put ice on it for a while, then scrape it gently, and then wipe the floor with a cloth dipped in water. If it is oil stains or paint drops on the floor, you can use special oil to wipe. Can not use strong acid, strong alkali liquid to clean laminate floor.

Maintenance of laminate flooring

1. Should pay attention to keep the floor dry, can not use a lot of water to wash, avoid long-term immersion floor. A carpet can be placed at the door to reduce dust brought into the room.

2. Although laminate flooring does not require painting and waxing, it cannot be sanded and polished with sandpaper. Furniture to be placed smoothly, do not drag on the floor, or it will damage the surface of the floor. Also pay attention to avoid sharp tools or shoes with nails on the floor.

3. Just after laying the floor, it is necessary to maintain the indoor air circulation, which is conducive to the extension of the floor life. In dry weather areas or seasons, you can use a humidifier to increase humidity, or you can use a cloth dipped in a little water, wring dry after wiping the floor.

4. To protect and maintain a beautiful floor, to avoid first-class cigarettes thrown on the floor, scorching the surface of the floor, leaving scars, repair will be very troublesome, and chewing gum these if stuck to the floor is more difficult to clean.