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Xiamen of romantic literature and Art: these small scenic spots are worth visiting

Xiamen is a very beautiful city, also quite famous, is a collection of literature and art and fresh and one of the city, many young people are attracted to it. What are the minority scenic spots in Xiamen? What are some places worth visiting? Interested friends and Xiaobian to have a look.

In Xiamen, the city is full of slow pace. The blue sky and white clouds set off the green streets covered with trees. Even the sea breeze is full of romantic atmosphere. The bustling night lights on Zhongshan Road are mingled with the old streets of Datong Road. The sound of reading in Xiamen University is accompanied by the singing of waves. The gentle singing of Gulangyu is light and the majesty of Hulishan fort. Cafes everywhere are the cultural interest of the city, and the snacks full of Minnan characteristics are the irresistible charm of the city. This is the South and Xiamen. Sunshine, a trip by chance!

Xiamen minority tourist attractions Xiamen is worth visiting

Shuanglong Lake

Shuanglongtan is rich in mountains and water resources. At present, the scale of shuanglongtan grassland is among the top ten in China and the largest in East China. It is composed of three fields, i.e., the roller coaster, the shoe skater and the Youbo ball, with a total area of about 25000 square meters. Here you can completely let go of playing, when you are a child! Enjoy skiing, but you must pay attention to safety!

Jimei School Village

Jimei has a strong humanistic atmosphere. Literary and artistic styles and xiaoqingxin can be seen everywhere. This is closely related to Mr. Chen Jiageng, one of the founders of Chinese education, and Jimei School Village, which is composed of dozens of colleges and universities here.

Xiamen old courtyard scenic spot

Xiamen laoyuanyuan scenic area is a national AAAA tourist attraction, including two parts of the "old courtyard Folk Culture Park" and "Legend of Southern Fujian" show. It is a major project in Xiamen City and one of the top ten key projects of cultural industry in Fujian Province. Laoyuanyuan folk culture garden displays the essence of Minnan culture with strong regional characteristics; "Legend of Southern Fujian" is a legendary performance which combines high-tech technology, cutting-edge fashion art and cultural stories of South Fujian for thousands of years. It is a tourist attraction with great appreciation value, cultural value and artistic value. It fills the important tourism plate that is extremely missing in Xiamen and its surrounding scenic spots.

Jimei University

When you get to Jimei, you must have a good look at the Jiageng building with a hat and a suit. The best choice is to go to Jimei University. You can see the well arranged Jiageng buildings from a distance. The top of the head is the red color of Jiageng. The tall building in the middle and the Songen building in the middle of Xiamen University are different from each other. Here you can enjoy the inner peace and the strong scholarly atmosphere.

Former residence of Mr. Chen Jiageng

Jiageng's former residence is located in the houwei corner of Jimei Town, No. 149, today's Jiageng Road, where Mr. Chen Jiageng lived. It was built in 1918. The former residence is a small two-story building. It was destroyed by Japanese aircraft in 1938, and then rebuilt. It was not rebuilt until it was completed. The former residence was renovated according to the original layout of the small building in 1980. The former residence is displayed according to the living conditions in his later years. There are manuscripts, clothes, daily necessities and other relics. The reception room, dining room, working room and bedroom on the second floor are all arranged in the same way as Mr. Chen lived.

Xiamen's small number of tourist attractions, so that you travel to avoid a shoulder to shoulder travel experience, here you can enjoy the cultural atmosphere of Xiamen, let your busy and tired mind get liberation! While we are still young, take your luggage and set out!