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How to clean leather sofa

How to clean leather sofa

Leather sofa is easier to clean than cloth sofa.

1, you can use professional foam cleanser on wet towel, then thoroughly wipe the leather sofa, then wipe it several times with a little damp clean towel until it is clean. Note that the pH value of the cleaner should be ph5-7. When spraying the detergent, do not spray too much or too wet.

2. Wipe clean leather sofa, still can use the oil that nourishes dermis to hit sofa again.

3. Leather sofa to avoid scratches, oil stains. If you accidentally get oil stains, clean them with detergent immediately.

4. Leather sofa is best placed in a ventilated place, in order to prolong life, avoid children jumping on the sofa.

5. Daily care directly with a wet towel wipe clean. 2-3 months with leather cleaning agent cleaning, or dust suction sofa surface.

6. If you find that the leather sofa has gum, you can cool it with an ice bag, and then wipe it gently with a fine silk cloth.

7. If you find ball point pen or ink marks, you can use a soft eraser to wipe clean. In order to prevent discoloration, you can drop water on the stain. But do not use alcohol or corrosive chemical solvents.