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How old is Lu Han older than Guan Xiaotong? Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong's love details announced

Lu Han's relationship with Guan Xiaotong has been announced for a while, which makes it difficult for the entertainment circle to adapt. Such a way of announcement is very surprising! On the last day of the national day, there was a big news in the entertainment circle. Lu Han suddenly introduced his girlfriend to the public on Weibo, 'Hello everyone, let me introduce you to you, this is my girlfriend' and generously @ Guan Xiaotong. Lu Han's first generous admission of his girlfriend surprised everyone.

The fans' circle is completely exploded. Yishui's comments are all 'stolen' and 'fake' propaganda and hype. I can't believe that the real girlfriend announced this time. After all, Lu Han and delireba have cooperated in running men before, but the old CP has always been talked about by fans and regarded as "old husband and wife" by netizens. It's also called land couple. It's not only popular in the program, but also hugs hand in hand after the program. Isn't it sweet? Is Lu Han's "confession" true this time? Land couple Is it going to be 'broken up' like this?

Before long, Guan Xiaotong responded to a message on Weibo and @ Lu Han, adding love, which seemed to be a news story. Luo Beibei, a well-known media person, tweeted: "I asked the studio, it's not a new play promotion, it's true.".

Evidence 1: Recently, Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong showed up in their respective promotional activities with the same couple watch, and on the same day, do you want to explain anything?

Evidence 2: delireba explains the fact of being single on the eve of the seventh day, gently clarifies the relationship with Lu Han's little brother, and Lu Han's little brother sends three tweets in a row because of Guan Xiaotong. The specific evidence is the time of tweeting. The editor also admires this logical thinking. Are you very cruel? Is it forced to eat sugar?