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How to choose camphor wood furniture cleaning tips

How to choose camphor wood furniture cleaning tips

Purchasing skills of camphor wood furniture

According to the smell of camphor wood furniture.

When opening the packaging, if the smell of camphor wood furniture is strong and pungent, then it is a fake camphor wood furniture. Then the immersion of perfume water or camphor oil can cause strong odor. The smell of authentic Cinnamomum camphora furniture is faint. It is placed in the air for a long time. Although the surface fragrance is desalinated, it still smells fragrant after breaking, but the taste of the fake product is broken. The road is very light.

According to the color of camphor wood furniture.

Months and years pass by. The quality of the camphor wood furniture is light yellow and red, and its color is black or dark. It is either defective or fake. One is the waste products produced by the factory collecting camphor wood. It is black because of the wind and water rain that has been going on for years. If you add some essence, you can use it to make a rush, but use cheap materials. It is similar to the essence of water immersion, although the smell and authentic Cinnamomum camphora wood material close to the color, but because of the soaking time is long, so darker and darker.

Cleaning and maintenance of camphor wood furniture

Camphor wood furniture should be far away from air conditioning.

Camphor wood should be placed in a shady and wet place, and it is not easy to expose to the sun when it is dry. Remember to put it under the air conditioner.

Pay attention to keep the luster of camphor wood furniture.

After the surface of camphor wood furniture is stained with dirt, it should be washed with light soapy water, and waxed once after drying. Remember to wipe with solvent-based liquid such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, or else the gloss of paint and paint on the surface of camphor wood furniture will be wiped off.

Regularly maintain camphor wood furniture with wax.

Camphor wood furniture is generally used for a long period of time, so it is usually necessary to maintain the furniture surface coating, wipe it with a little wax every three months, which is not only beautiful, but also plays a role in protecting wood. Camphor wood furniture to prevent bumping and cracking, because the material board surface is relatively brittle, so when using or moving, the place where the force comes off tenon must be re glued and sealed before use. Camphor wood furniture collection to moderate, do not exceed the door frame, if often hard plug hard squeeze will cause cabinet door deformation.