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Is it a boy or a girl she's pregnant with?

Xie Na has received a lot of attention from netizens since her pregnancy broke out. On October 7, Xie Na posted a bowl of eel noodles on her microblog. Although she didn't look very fancy, she felt nutritious looking at the dishes. But many careful netizens speculate about the gender of children from a bowl of noodles. Do you think it's reliable?

And Xie Na generously shared the practice of this bowl of noodles, she said: 'delicious eel noodles, noodles are cooked, red peppers and green peppers are fried together with eel, covered on the noodles, it's OK (I don't think so).

Netizens shouted to Xie Na that she was naughty again. They also called Zhang Jie to say, "you cooked this bowl of noodles for Nana." and careful Netizens found that the bowl of noodles had not yet been exposed that the child was a baby girl. After all, it was sour and hot.