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What harm does playing mahjong hold out nephritis to hold urine for a long time?

Many people like to play mahjong at home during the long holiday of the 11th primary school. During the holiday, a 63 year old mother in Wuhan started playing mahjong for fear of losing her hand. So I didn't get up to go to the toilet for a while, and I was suffering from acute pyelonephritis for a long time. It's terrible! What's the harm of holding urine for a long time?

After holding the urine for a while, the urine will subside, and aunt will continue to fight. The day before yesterday, she felt a pain in her back. She thought she had been sitting for a long time, so she took a few days off at home. But back pain is still not good. Yesterday, my mother arrived at a hospital in Wuhan for examination, which showed that hematuria, urinary protein and leukocyte index increased significantly, accompanied by low fever. The doctor diagnosed her with acute pyelonephritis.

Coincidentally, Mr. Chen, 42, took advantage of the holiday to travel to the north by himself. He was temporarily informed by the unit that he needed to rush back to deal with urgent matters. Mr. Chen, who was in a hurry, was afraid of trouble, drank little water, and was reluctant to go to the toilet even if he had urine. Not long after he came back, he felt the pain in his waist, so he went to a hospital in Wuhan. After examination, Mr. Chen was diagnosed as an acute attack of kidney stones.

Experts remind that after the long holiday, the number of patients with urinary system has increased slightly. Some patients are inconvenient to go to the toilet when they go out to play, so they are less likely to drink water and hold their urine. Some people play mahjong for a long time during the festival, eat a lot of fat and meat, and sleep is also insufficient. Long term suffocation of urine is likely to induce urinary system diseases, and even lead to uremia, renal failure and even life-threatening.

What harm does suffocation have?

1. Damage to bladder function

The nerves that control bladder contraction are distributed in the muscles of the bladder wall. If we often hold back * urination, it will cause nerve function disorder and weaken the detrusor muscle tension, resulting in dysuria and urinary retention. If urination is often not discharged in time, it will not only lead to relaxation of bladder sphincter and dysfunction, but also easily lead to urinary incontinence, which is very difficult to treat.

2. Cause urinary tract infection

Urine retention for a long time in the body, there are bacteria urine can not be discharged in time, easy to induce cystitis. If bacteria go up, it will cause urethritis, pyelonephritis and even affect renal function.

3. Prostatitis

Studies have shown that an important cause of prostatitis is infection caused by bacteria in the urinary tract retrograde to the prostate through the prostate tube.

4. Renal failure

When the bladder distended constantly while holding urine, when the body's resistance decreased, the bacteria would also enter while it was empty. Serious urinary tract infection may also cause renal failure.

5. Pyelitis

Holding urine often gives urine more time to stay in the bladder, which is easy to provide bacteria with a large number of opportunities to reproduce, and bacteria constantly invade the tissue at the same time of large-scale reproduction. And in the process of holding urine, bacteria have enough pressure and time to keep going upstream, which may lead to pyelitis.

6. Urinary calculus

When urine stays in the bladder for a long time, it is easy to precipitate crystals and stay in the bladder, causing urinary stones. Although the network can enhance sexual pleasure and sexual function, improve the quality of the bladder, exercise the flexibility of the bladder. Improve the ability of self-control, and exercise people's willpower. Dutch scientists have even found that when the urine is held to a certain extent, the brain will run at a high speed to help you solve problems quickly. But there are many disadvantages of suffocating urine, which is more harmful. In serious cases, you may even have peritonitis, severe abdominal pain or even shock, endangering your life.