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Who are the stars and guests of 2017 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn night party? Live address of mid

In addition to CCTV's mid autumn evening party, Hunan Satellite TV can set many records every year. This year, nothing unexpected, or so. So, who is the guest list of this year's mid autumn night of Hunan Satellite TV?

2017 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn night party

Moderators: he Jiong, Liang Tian, Jin Mengjia

Guest lineup: Li Yuchun, Chen Xuedong, lion choir, Fu Xinbo, Yinger, Mike, Mao Xiaotong, Hu Xia, Wang Sulong, Xing Zhaolin, Liang Jie, Guo biting, Zhang Tielin, Yu Xiaotong, Zhou Jiacheng, Yu Mengyu, Zhang Yihan, Chen Bing, Lai Yumeng, Wei Xun, Yin Yuke, Huang Xu, aifujini, vava, Luo Tianyi, Le Zhengling, Le zhenglongya, etc.

When will 2017 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn party be recorded

Broadcast time of mid autumn evening party: 20:00 p.m. on October 4, 2017

Recording time of Mid Autumn Festival Party: September 30. Tickets can be obtained through official blog.

Who are you looking forward to most when recording on September 30 and broadcasting at 19:30 on October 4?

Chen Xuedong, the first official publicity artist, is expected to integrate with Zheng Shuang

Recently, the promotional film that Chen Xuedong, a popular student, shot for "mid autumn night" has been broadcast online. He is also the first artist guest to join in the 2017 "mid autumn night" party.

In the promotional film, Chen Xuedong stands in front of a giant moon in a white suit full of Fairy Spirit, with shallow water flowing under his feet. Through the moonlight, his handsome figure is presented in the form of silhouette, with the reflection in the water looming.

Through the promotional film, the theme of the Mid Autumn Festival is to use the bright moon to hold the reunion of lovesickness and the full moon. Throughout the ages, the full moon in the sky has witnessed countless joys and sorrows, and entrusted people's good thoughts and wishes.