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How to make a armor warrior head portrait with a tiktok and a warrior head

Tiktok tiktok: tiktok fire, every time a popular thing will be popular. Many buddies are asking how many special effects of armor armor warriors have recently been played. Let's share with Xiaobian about the special effects photography lesson of the jar and armor warriors.

How to beat the tiktok effect of the warrior head

1. First of all, you need to download and install the [faceu Gemeng] app. If you already have it, please update it to the latest version

2. After installation, open the software directly and enter the [sticker] function

3. Find the avatar of 'armored Warrior' in the latest column of the sticker function and download it

4. Click on the avatar to shoot, as long as you open your mouth, in the video your head will automatically become a armored warrior

5, after recording, you can use other editing software to edit, or directly upload to the tiktok, then dub, clip, etc.

This is the introduction of the special effects shooting lesson of the tiktok warrior head of Xiaobian today.