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Snake expert tells his wife before he is killed by snake

Original title: Viper expert asked the audience to call his ex-wife before being killed by a snake during live broadcast

According to the daily mail of September 26, Arslan valeev, a 31 year old snake expert in St. Petersburg, Russia, was bitten by his highly poisonous pet Black Mamba snake (black tree Cobra) on YouTube live. His body trembled, his eyes shook and his limbs stiffened gradually. He begged the audience to call his ex-wife, and finally he staggered to his feet and died shortly afterwards.

Valeyev, a former zoo employee, and his ex-wife are well-known YouTube bloggers in Russia, who broadcast live pet snakes and bobcats, with hundreds of fans. They divorced because of violence in the family of valeev. After the divorce, valeev had a new relationship.

In this live broadcast, valeyev's body trembled, saying incoherently that there was a text message for his ex-wife in his mobile phone, and he said, "tell her I love her very much." he read the phone number of his ex-wife, "this is her phone number. If someone can contact her and tell her, I hope she can take time to see me. I'm dying. I'm glad to see her. '. Many spectators called for an ambulance, but they were unable to return to the sky.

However, valeyev's friends said that he did not intend to commit suicide. When he took the Viper from the container to the camera, an accident happened, and the snake bit him. As a snake expert with more than 20 years of experience, he understood that he had little time, so he asked the audience to call his ex-wife because he was too stiff to make a call.

In a previous video, valeyev talks about his lovelorn love: 'I wake up every day desperate for life. I can't imagine that I want to experience life without her every day, and she was still in my dream a few seconds ago. I lost her. I deserve it. I know what to do and I've heard a lot of advice, but I can't control the emptiness and heartbreak. Miracles don't happen. We're not in fairy tales. '

His ex-wife has yet to respond.