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How much is the accommodation of Yading in Daocheng on the national day of 2018

How much is the accommodation of Yading in Daocheng on the national day of 2018

11 is coming soon, everyone must be busy booking their own hotel! Among them, Daocheng Yading must be a lot of tourists will choose here as a tourist destination during the National Day! Well, this 11 period, the accommodation price of Daocheng Aden is finished, you will be scared!

How expensive is it? It is said that there are not a few under 1000. How about it? Next, let's have a look at how expensive Daocheng Aden 11 is!

Is the accommodation in Daocheng Yading very expensive

During the national day of Daocheng Yading scenic area, due to the large flow of people, the scenic area not only adopted the way of limiting the flow of tickets (16000 tickets are sold per day), but also the accommodation around it has doubled.

According to Xiaobian's accommodation in Daocheng Yading online today, the hotel with the highest price ranking is: Daocheng Yading Zhaxi kongshu Tibetan culture theme hotel, 3675 yuan a night; the hotel with the lowest price ranking is: Gesang medallison Hotel, starting from 683 yuan.

Among the hotels below 1000 yuan a night, there is only one hotel: gemson medallison hotel.

October 2 ~ October 4 & middot; Yading village house price

On September 12, Xiaobian had personally visited the Yading scenic spot in Daocheng, waiting in line for about half an hour in the morning.

On the national day, the number of people queuing up in Daocheng Yading scenic area should be more.

Even the driver's desk driver who has been running for 10 years in Daocheng Yading scenic spot, who has been running for 10 years, can't help sighing, "recently, Daocheng Yading has become more and more popular. In the past, Yading scenic spot received more than 1000 tourists a day, and now it receives more than 10000 tourists a day.

Yading, known as the last pure land of the earth, is really worthy of its name. '

There are two places to provide accommodation when you go to visit Daocheng Yading, one is Yading Village (within the scenic area), the other is Shangri La town (outside the scenic area).

Because the ticket validity period of Daocheng Yading scenic spot is 3 days, and it is generally 2 days for everyone to visit Daocheng Yading scenic spot, most tourists will live in Yading village on the first night.

The house price of Yading village is generally higher than that outside the scenic spot, the accommodation conditions are not as good as that outside the scenic spot, and the altitude is higher, so it is not suitable to rest. But living in Yading village is more convenient to visit the scenic spot, and you can also see more beautiful stars and snow mountains. The highest house prices above are from Yading village.

The cost of accommodation in Shangri La town is not as high as shown in the above legend, but the price is still high.