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Where is Shangri La fun

Where is Shangri La fun Shangri La is located in Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, formerly known as Zhongdian. In the 1930s, Hilton's novel "Lost Horizon" brought Shangri La into people's attention. Since then, Shangri La has become a tourist destination people yearn for. In 1996, it was officially renamed Shangri La, which is a paradise for people to seek! Such a beautiful place, taking advantage of the National Day holiday. Let's take a walk. Let's talk about the scenic spots in Shangri La. Let's have a look.

Niru Village

Although the road is difficult to walk, the mountain people here are simple and helpful.

It's a secluded village.

Most tourists only know about Pudacuo when they go to Shangri La, but few people know about this village. Now you can drive in from Shangri La, or walk down the Xiage pasture to enter on foot.

It is a Tibetan village in the scenic area of three parallel rivers. It is very primitive. There are simple Tibetans. Some old people have never walked out of the mountains in their lifetime.

Here you can only see blue sky, white clouds, green trees and flowers.

Haba snow mountain

Haba snow mountain is the first choice for junior mountaineering, with moderate difficulty. Friends who like climbing snow mountain can come here to experience it.

Haba snow mountain is one of many snow mountains in Yunnan Province. It is opposite to the two banks of Jinsha River with Yulong Snow Mountain.

If you don't want to go to those popular snow mountains, you can come here and have a look. It won't let you down.

There is an outdoor B & B which is very good. It is recommended to live in the snow mountain.


The prairie under the blue sky and white clouds can not help but make people intoxicated in it.

This is the grassland viewing platform. In order to protect the grassland, tourists are not allowed to enter the pasture. They can only view from the viewing platform.

There is always a trace of regret for the endless alpine meadows in the non grazing season.

Militang pasture has always been an important pasture in Shangri La, where the herdsmen still keep grazing life.

Qianhu mountain

Qianhu mountain tourism development is not perfect, is a very popular scenic spot, you can drive or ask the local travel agency.

It's worth walking three hours to the top of the mountain, five hours by car, to the top of the mountain.

Compared with the original ecology, there are azalea sea, pasture, snow mountain, jungle and other landscapes. It's much more beautiful and fun than Pudacuo and balag.

Bigu Tianchi

Bigu Tianchi is a small scenic spot, few people will go there. So it's a bit bumpy on the road. It's hard. When you see the scenery, it's worth it.

There must be an old driver who can drive mountain roads. Because the mountain roads are rugged, every bend is a risk.

It is said that this place is the shooting place of the film promise, which is not a mature tourist attraction, but the scenery there is still very beautiful, and there are simple Tibetans on the top of the mountain.

Some of these minority scenic spots are actually very difficult to go to, because there is no development reason, the journey will be more difficult, but all the difficulties are worth it. If you really want to experience this kind of beautiful, it is a very good experience.

There is no less famous scenic spots than those in place, because there is no less natural scenery.