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Why can the ear ache tinnitus by plane? How does the ear ache of taking an airplane alleviate?

Aircraft has become a common means of transportation for many people, and has become one of the essential means of travel for many people, but many people will have tinnitus and earache symptoms when they fly, and the symptoms of earache will even last for a week. How to avoid ear pain when flying? Why does ear pain when flying?


1. The earache is caused by the pressure change of the airplane during the process of climbing and landing, and the pressure change inside and outside the eardrum is uneven, which results in the squeezing of the eardrum.

2. Each person's physical conditions are different and their response to air pressure is also different. Therefore, some people may not feel much, some may feel strongly and need medical treatment.

Five countermeasures

1. swallowing

Constant swallowing helps to keep the balance of air pressure inside and outside the ear. In the process of aircraft climbing and landing, keep swallowing saliva to keep the change of air pressure in the ear keeping up with the change outside the eardrum.

2. chew

Chewing can stimulate the production of more saliva, can chew a piece of gum, the plane will also provide sugar for passengers to use, in order to overcome physical discomfort.

3. earplugs

After getting on the plane, use professional earplugs, useful earplugs or more simply, roll the toilet paper into a small paper cylinder, and plug it in the ear, so that the change of external air pressure will slow down, so that the ear can gradually adapt to the change of air pressure.

4. massage

Put your finger into the ear hole, gently shake your finger, or press the ear with your palm, and then release it, so repeatedly, you can help the ear achieve the balance of internal and external air pressure.

5. Yawn, sneeze, blow your nose

These actions can help eustachian tube movement, thus promoting the balance of pressure.


Patients with severe cold, sinusitis and other diseases that affect the function of eustachian tube and respiratory system should not take the plane as much as possible, so as not to cause damage to the ears.