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How to make ice skin moon cake

How to make ice skin moon cake another mid autumn reunion time, how can the Mid Autumn Festival get rid of the leading role of moon cakes? Many friends like to eat ice skin moon cakes, but many ice skin moon cakes sold on the market are not as delicious as their own home-made ones, and the following small weaving is called how to make ice skin moon cakes!

1. First, make pineapple filling with milk flavor. Prepare all materials. Drain the canned pineapple. If using fresh pineapple, weigh 250g of peeled fresh pineapple meat, and use 50g of water or milk instead of canned pineapple sugar water.

2. Put all materials except butter into the food processor and beat them into a slurry.

3. Pour the batter into the pot, turn the heat to medium or low heat, and stir continuously while heating. Add the butter, stir fry until the butter dissolves completely.

4. The material fried in the pot becomes thick.

5. When it becomes a thick mud, it's OK.

6. Use the fried stuffing after cooling. If you want to cool down as soon as possible, pour the stuffing into a flat plate, spread it out on the back of a spoon, and then put it in the refrigerator. It will cool down soon.

Illustration of the method of making ice skin moon cake 77. Then make ice skin. Pour the milk, vegetable oil (choose the light and tasteless vegetable oil such as corn oil and sunflower seed oil, and do not use the oil with special smell such as olive oil and peanut oil) and sugar powder into the bowl, and mix well.

8. Pour glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and wheat starch into another bowl. Slowly pour the milk mixture from the previous step into the powder and stir while pouring until it is well mixed.

9. Sift the mixed powder for 1-2 times.

10. After sieving, let stand for half an hour. Cover the surface with plastic wrap and put it into a steamer with boiling water. Steam over high heat for 25 minutes.

11. Stir the steamed batter with chopsticks while it is hot until it becomes smooth and even.

12. Use the batter after cooling. Similarly, if you want to cool down as soon as possible, thin it on a plate and put it in the refrigerator.

13. Prepare some pastry powder. If there is no ready-made pastry powder, put the glutinous rice powder into the pot and stir fry over low heat until it turns yellow slightly. Dip a little taste, no taste of raw meal, it means cooked. After cooling, it is cake powder.

14. After cooling, the ice skin batter and the pineapple filling are divided into small parts. The ratio of skin and filling is 6:4. If 63 grams of moon cakes are made, the ice crust is divided into 1 portion of 38 grams, and the pineapple filling is divided into 1 portion of 25 grams.

15. Dip a little cake powder on your hand to prevent sticking, and flatten the ice skin on the palm of your hand.

16. Put pineapple stuffing on the ice.

17. Wrap the pineapple stuffing with ice skin and squeeze tightly.

18. Sprinkle some cake powder in the moon cake mold, shake it, make the cake powder evenly stick on the moon cake mold, and then knock the moon cake mold on the palm of your hand to knock out the excess cake powder.

19. Put the wrapped dough into the mooncake mold.

20. Press out the shape of moon cake. At this point, the ice moon cake is ready. The best taste of the frozen moon cake is that it is refrigerated for several hours before eating.


1. After the ice skin is steamed, it should be completely cooled before filling, otherwise it will stick. It's normal for the ice skin to stick to the hands after cooling. It can be solved by sticking some cake powder on the hands. If it is still very sticky after cooling, one of the reasons may be that the bowl is not covered with fresh-keeping film when steaming, and the other may be that the ice crust is not fully steamed, resulting in sticky.

2. Glutinous rice flour is big rice flour. Compared with glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour is not sticky, which can avoid too soft glutinous taste of ice skin. Wheat starch, also called chengmian, not only makes the ice skin look more transparent, but also increases the toughness of the ice skin taste, so it is not recommended to use other starch instead. Unless you really can't buy wheat starch, use corn starch instead.

3. Master the method of ice skin, and you can change fillings of different tastes according to your own preferences. The filling of ice skin moon cake is very flexible. You can choose from bean paste, lotus paste, jujube paste and fruit filling. Some kinds of cantonese moon cake stuffing introduced in the blog can also be used as ice crust moon cake stuffing~

4. During operation, do not touch too much cake powder on your hands or in the moon cake mold, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the ice skin moon cake.