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National Day lovers Beijing tourist attractions recommend 2018 National Day lovers Beijing Tourism S

National Day lovers Beijing tourist attractions recommend 2018 National Day lovers Beijing Tourism Strategy

National Day is coming. National Day is a very happy festival. It is not only the meaning of the festival, but also a seven day holiday. The National Day holiday is very suitable for everyone to go out and play, especially lovers, who can take advantage of the seven day holiday to travel and enhance their feelings. So what places are suitable for young couples to travel together? Today, the small editor to talk about the National Day suitable for lovers to travel, the National Day lovers travel strategy.

1. Sanlitun

Sanlitun Bar Street has always been one of the most prosperous entertainment streets in Beijing night life. After years of development, Sanlitun Bar Street has become a leisure and entertainment place integrating shopping, leisure, art and entertainment. Sanlitun shopping center, with its unique architecture and overall leisure design, attracts Chinese and foreign tourists to visit. During major festivals, Sanlitun Shopping Center Plaza will hold corresponding activities to set off the festival atmosphere. Many Chaozhou players gather here to display the latest trend of entertainment information, so it has become a carnival gathering place.

Here, you can go shopping, taste life, you can see a lot of creative cool fun, you can experience the latest digital products, feel the latest trend information. When you're done shopping, you can go to a movie, or go to the bar next to you for a drink.

2. Houhai

We all know how the summer after the sea, but few people find the quiet beauty of the sea in winter. Houhai is a place for nostalgia. It is worth considering to take your girlfriend to Houhai to experience the romance of Beijing on Valentine's day.

When the night is waning and the lights are on, there are flaming trees and silvery flowers on both sides of the Houhai river. The decadent sound will be heard from the simple quadrangle bar. You can walk through the tunnel of time and space in an instant. You don't know where you are and what's going on. When you see a beautiful woman beside you, you will suddenly feel the meaning of "holding your hand and holding your chair together".

3. World Trade heaven

As a 'leisure shopping place combining food, entertainment, space art and fashion information window to meet the needs of seeing, listening, smelling, tasting and touching, the world trade ladder is also a good place for lovers to date on Valentine's day. Not to mention how the palace like buildings with modern style and ancient elegance and mellow on both sides are pleasing to the eyes, it is the huge sky screen with dreamy color and fashionable taste that makes people forget to leave.

When you come here on Valentine's day, you can not only eat, shop and watch drama, but also enjoy the colorful day and night landscape and feel the dreamy color and fashionable taste of sound and light art brought by modern technology.

4. Blue Harbor

Compared with the traditional shopping center, Solana blue harbor has replaced the ceiling with blue sky and white clouds, and the natural breeze has replaced the fresh air of air-conditioning pipes. The original European style buildings and narrow and suitable streets no longer have the sense of pressure of crowded people. Besides, it creates a comfortable, charming and open shopping environment full of affinity for consumers, which makes it seem that consumers can get rid of congestion in a few minutes Beijing has come to the romantic and elegant Europe. There is no holiday on Valentine's day. Lovers who can't go far away can come here to experience European customs.

5. Wangfujing

Valentine's Day was originally established in the west to commemorate Valentine's great achievements. Therefore, the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to go to Christianity to experience the festival atmosphere, and the best place to go is the church in Wangfujing which is the commercial center.

Wangfujing pedestrian street, known as the first street in China, is an ancient commercial center in Beijing and a must for tourists to visit Beijing. There is a Christian church on Wangfujing pedestrian street. Every Easter, Christmas and Valentine's day, many tourists and believers come here to visit and worship. It is also a pleasure to come here with your lover to receive God's blessing.

6. NanLuoGu Lane

Some people say that Sanlitun Bar Street is colored, Shichahai bar street is dark red, and Nanluoguxiang bar street is emerald green. Such comments may not only refer to natural colors, but also to other cultural connotations. Every alley here has a rich cultural heritage, and every house tells an ancient story.

With the love of humanity here to feel the long history, quiet years, it should be a very pleasant romantic thing.