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Why does darling sleep like to raise a hand? Why do babies surrender when they sleep

for a few months' baby, it is believed that many mothers will find such an interesting phenomenon when they sleep. When the baby sleeps, he likes to raise his little hand. What is the matter? Here's the answer!

Why do babies like to raise their hands when they sleep

I. physiological habits

The reason why the baby sleeps in the "surrender" posture has a lot to do with his state before he is born. When the baby is in the mother's stomach, because of the limited space, their lying posture will also be a little 'diversified'. 'surrender' position is a common position they use in the womb. They are used to it, so they will like it after birth, which will make them feel safer.

II. Strong vitality

Once upon a time, the sleeping posture of the baby was called "tiger holding head", which expressed that the baby was healthy, full of Yang, vigorous and tenacious, and that the baby was growing up. Moreover, people will sleep better and more comfortable with this sleeping posture!

As for the fear that the baby's sleeping posture will catch cold, especially want to correct his parents, in the case of correction of incompetence, might as well use sleeping bags for the baby to sleep. Put the child's arm into the sleeping bag, so that there is an extra layer of protective cover, and the baby can sleep in whatever position he wants in the sleeping bag, without worrying about getting cold and getting sick.

In fact, many babies are more used to sleeping with their hands raised when they are born. Parents don't need to change their children excessively. Because even if you deliberately force him to put it right, he will habitually lift it up again in a short time.

For some babies with bad temper, you can not only correct him, so that his uncomfortable behavior will even wake him up, very angry to you 'lose temper', cry, express dissatisfaction. We just need to let it go. As the child grows up, he will gradually change his sleeping posture, put his hands down and return to normal.

Science Edition

1. This is an instinctive response. The baby's body shape is cylindrical, it is easy to reverse without surrender, face down, easy to suffocate. When the child is free to turn over, the surrender position is reduced.

2. The baby is curled up in a lump in the mother's stomach, which will last for a period of time after birth. Wait for the baby to grow up some more, will grow up with the age, slowly change their sleeping posture.

However, when the weather is cold, the child may get cold when sleeping like this, so when sleeping at night, you can wear a long sleeved Pajama for the baby.