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How to care for your baby with eczema

Four seas net: baby's eczema is a very common skin disease, most of the reason is because the baby's skin is tender in Mandarin, and the child has no self-control, grabbing and eating, so how to care for the baby's eczema? Let's have a look!

Care for eczema on baby's face

1. Keep skin dry

Wash your baby's face with warm water instead of alkaline soap or body wash. To keep your baby's skin dry, but also too dry, if your baby has seborrheic dermatitis, you can first apply olive oil evenly to the affected area, and then wash it later.

2. Frequent nail cutting

Frequently cut nails to prevent the baby from scratching the skin and secondary infection.

3. Choose products without hormone

There are many drugs to treat eczema. Although some drugs work very fast, they often contain hormone components. Once the drug is stopped, eczema will easily recur, and long-term use will increase skin pigmentation. Therefore, parents should read the instructions carefully or consult with doctors before using the drugs.

4, quit the mouth

During eczema attack, the baby should eat less animal protein, milk, eggs, fish, shrimp and other food. If the baby is breastfed, the mother should also eat less of these foods which are easy to cause allergy.

5. Avoid external stimulation

Parents should pay attention to the changes of temperature and humidity around the baby, avoid exposing the baby to cold wind or strong sunshine, wipe off sweat in time when sweating in summer, and apply non oily moisturizer when the weather is dry in autumn and winter. In addition, we should also pay attention to the materials used for baby's clothes, so as to reduce the skin irritating clothes such as baby's wool, silk and nylon.