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Watch out when you look down at your cell phone

Original title: British street 'bow head clan' women are robbed of mobile phones by the car racing clan in an instant

According to the daily mail of September 25, a 16 second surveillance video recently showed a woman watching a mobile phone on the street of London, UK, was attacked and robbed by a 'car rider'. The frequent occurrence of such robberies has aroused the high vigilance of London police and the general public.

The "motorcyclists" are generally composed of two partners, one is responsible for driving motorcycles and the other is responsible for robbing passers-by's mobile phones. Once they have a target, the former will slow down and approach, and then accelerate to escape after the latter seizes other people's property successfully. All in one. Because the victims were unprepared, the robbers made few mistakes. Most of their targets are people who are making phone calls or playing with mobile phones on the roadside. In this way, they can unlock the mobile phones they grab, and the robbers can take the opportunity to modify the settings for sale. Even if it is not unlocked, the robbers can sell mobile phone parts. It is understood that there is even training within the "flying car clan" group to carry out the "actual combat" training in the way of robbing the cell phones of the same party.

According to the statistics of London police, there have been 8192 robberies by the end of May this year, almost the amount of crimes in 2016. This year is expected to grow 116% over last year.