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What are the recommended scenic spots with few people in Sichuan in November 2018

What are the recommended scenic spots with few people in Sichuan in November 2018

With the coming of the National Day holiday on the 11th National Day, friends who are fond of traveling are thinking carefully and active again. However, the thought of traffic jam and overcrowding in popular scenic spots adds a trace of melancholy to the holiday. Today, Xiaobian recommends the most beautiful scenic spots in Sichuan. Like the friends can be in the small long holiday to swim, enjoy the natural scenery!

Menghuo City, Shimian

"Open the city of Menghuo, there are no poor people in the world. "In the beautiful Yi village at the foot of tuowu mountain, there has been an ancient legend of Meng Huo's Treasure Collection for thousands of years. Menghuo city in Liziping, Shimian City, also adds a touch of mystery.

Zhouzi ancient town

Located in Peng'an, the ancient town is the hometown of Sima Xiangru, which has a history of more than 1500 years. In contrast, it still retains the ancient simplicity and tranquility.

Guanxian ancient city

According to the theme of "world water culture tourism ancient city", Guanxian ancient city is planned and arranged according to the principle of "water as the soul, culture as the vein, business as the road and tourism as the basis". Vigorously implement the strategy of "integration of scenery and city" to make the ancient city present the tourism form of "scenery in the city, city in scenery, and half mountain and half city". Visitors can comfortably realize the mode of "one step into the scenic spot, one step into the city, one can visit and play", so as to realize the complementary and win-win tourism functions between the scenic spots and cities.

Sancha Lake

Sancha Lake scenic area is located in the southwest of Jianyang City, with Sancha reservoir as the center. It is 60 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is the largest artificial lake with 113 islands in Sichuan Province. Now, there are flower island, bird island, Moon Island and Swan villa.

Pujiang longfengxi wetland

At the end of Changtan Lake in Chengjia Town, Pujiang, there is a little-known longfengxi wetland. There are thousands of acres of grassland in summer every year. Walking in this boundless green grass, you don't have to think about anything. It's quiet and safe!