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What are the classic snacks in Henan

Henan has a long history and is located in the Central Plains. It has rich historical and cultural essence. Of course, food culture is also quite rich. Today, I'd like to take you to know some famous snacks in Henan. What famous snacks are there in Henan? Let's take a look at it.

1. Stewed noodles

Stewed noodles is a kind of traditional Henan food with meat, vegetable, soup, dish and rice. It is famous in the Central Plains and throughout the country for its delicious taste and economic benefits. Stewed noodles is a kind of pasta similar to wide noodles, which is made of high-quality high gluten flour, supplemented with soup and various side dishes. Good soup, gluten, high nutrition. The essence of stewed noodles lies in soup. The soup is cooked over the top of the tender lamb and sheep bone (split, exposing the middle bone marrow) for five hours or more. First, it is used to boil the fire vigorously and then boil it in small heat. The next seven or eight traditional Chinese medicines and bone oil are boiled out. The soup is white and bright, like a cow's milk, so some people call it white soup. There are mutton stewed noodles, three fresh stewed noodles, five fresh stewed noodles and other types. Stewed noodles is one of the three snacks in Henan Province.

2. Kaifeng soup

Baokaifeng Guantang Bao has a unique flavor and is one of the famous foods in Kaifeng. Soup prepuce thin, as white as Jingdezhen ceramics, transparent feeling. To eat, there is meat stuffing inside, and fresh soup at the bottom. Kaifeng people eat soup dumplings with such a saying: "first open the window, then drink soup, and then full of fragrance.". Tang such as poetry, meat stuffing is for prose, skin for fiction. Because what is contained in fiction is the essence of prose. Therefore, after eating steamed buns with soup, we first remember the freshness of the soup. The meat stuffing is close to the taste perception of the soup, and the pasta can almost be ignored without chewing.

3. Hu hot soup

Hula soup, also known as paste spicy soup, is a well-known snack in Central Plains. It originated in Henan Province, especially Hula soup in Xiaoyao Town, Xihua county, Zhoukou City. It is a famous traditional soup for breakfast in northern China. The main materials of Hula soup are Hu spicy soup, pepper, pepper, cooked mutton (beef) meat, sheep bone soup, gluten, flour, vermicelli, etc. Hula soup is made of various natural Chinese herbal medicines in proportion, then pepper and pepper are added, and bone soup is used as the base material. Its characteristics are strong taste, beautiful color, thick soup, spicy and delicious, which is very suitable for other breakfast.

4. Spiced rabbit meat

Spiced rabbit meat is a famous snack in Kaifeng, Henan Province. Its color is red and bright, and its meat is soft and rotten. Rabbit meat contains many vitamins and 8 kinds of essential amino acids for human body. It also contains lysine and tryptophan, which are most easily deficient in human body. Therefore, eating rabbit meat regularly can prevent harmful substances from depositing, let children grow up healthily and help the elderly live longer. It can be used for those who have been ill for a long time, are thin and weak, lack of energy, lack of food, and disappear. The main raw materials are cardamom, clove, rock sugar, etc. this dish has bright red color, soft and rotten meat, excellent bittern, unique technology, pungent fragrance, no grass smell, salty and crisp, and long taste.

5. Heji mutton stewed noodles

Heji mutton stewed noodles is a traditional snack with meat, vegetables, soup, vegetables and rice. It is one of the special snacks in Zhengzhou. It is famous for its delicious taste and economic benefits. Heji stewed noodles have strict operating procedures. For decades, He Ji has adhered to the principle of "one bowl, one pot" and never slack off. It is favored by diners and has become a well-known dish in Zhengzhou. Outsiders often come to taste it. In May 1994, it was awarded the title of "national halal famous brand flavor food". In December 1997, he won the title of "Chinese famous snack".

6. Mutton Kang bun

Mutton Kang steamed bun is one of the famous snacks in Kaifeng. The main raw materials are onion powder, salt, cumin, etc. mutton Kang steamed bun is made of thin white flour cake wrapped with mutton powder and some special seasonings. It tastes delicious and chewy. Mutton Kang steamed bun is made of mutton and other materials in the pancake (Kaifeng people call), and the finished product is burnt and fragrant With flavor, it is one of the favorite Kaifeng snacks for many eaters. Mutton Kang bun is very waste oil. It's delicious when the oil is big. It's best to eat it when it's hot.

7. Stir fry three not to touch

Stir fried sanbuzhan is a classic snack in Anyang, Henan Province. It has soft, fragrant, greasy, sweet and not greasy; it has the effect of benefiting intelligence and appetizing. When eating, it gets its name because it doesn't touch chopsticks, dishes and teeth. It is also known as "osmanthus egg". It is impossible to find out the originator and the date of its creation. "Three not touch" golden, Beijing cake bright red, red and yellow, bright and pleasant. "Stir fried three non stick" is a fresh flower in Anyang cooking garden, and also a leader in Henan cuisine.

8. Steamed bun with oil

Youmantou is a famous snack in Henan. People in Henan like to eat it as breakfast. It tastes crisp and tender inside. You buntou, also known as hemp hot, Youma, miantuo and laoguatou, is a traditional pasta snack in northern China. It is similar to fried dough sticks but different from fried dough sticks. In a word, it's a fried food. It is widely spread in the north. People in the north are used to eating steamed bun in the morning with soybean milk, vegetable soup, meat ball instant noodles, or Hula soup

9. Peanut cake

Peanut cake is a local traditional snack in Kaifeng City, Henan Province. Peanut cake is an ancient palace meal, originated in the Song Dynasty, after the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties more than 600 years, spread to this day. There are original peanut cake, spiced peanut cake, nut peanut cake, osmanthus flavor peanut cake, salt and pepper flavor peanut cake, sesame flavor peanut cake, rose flavor peanut cake, walnut flavor peanut cake, almond flavor peanut cake, etc. according to the different packaging, the flavor is also different. The finished product is flaky, multi-level, showing detailed network, and strong porosity; the taste of the food is crisp, sweet and sharp, with self-made mouth, which makes people have endless aftertaste.

10. Bowang Guokui

Bowang Guokui is a traditional snack in Nanyang, Henan Province. Bowang Guokui is crisp and thick, sweet and tasty. It is a special food baked with white flour. It looks like a pot and a helmet. It's white, like raw noodles dried in the sun. It's more than a foot in diameter and two inches thick. Each weighs four Jin. It's crispy and delicious. It's chewy and hungry, and can't be broken for a long time. Bowang Guokui is kneaded with fermented and dry noodles repeatedly to form a shield shape on the Kang. After the two sides are congealed, several pot helmets are stacked and placed in the pot. Without adding water, they are steamed over a slow fire until cooked. The baked Guokui is not burnt and not sticky, with the color of uncooked noodles and the taste of cooked steamed buns.