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Who is the archetype of Zhou Ying's history? Did Zhou Ying have any children in history?

In history, there is indeed Zhou Ying. Many netizens want to know if there are descendants of Zhou Ying, the richest man in Shaanxi Province. Who is it? Let's take a look at Zhou Ying's life experience and feelings with Xiaobian. Did Zhou Ying have any children in history? What is the historical ending of Zhou Ying?

Zhou Ying is lonely and grateful. Thanks to Wu pin for not being bound by the feudal ideology. She took her to do business and into the six rafter hall. She also said that without Wu Jiadong yard, there would be no Zhou Ying today. Zhou Ying had several industries at that time, and the annual income of salt industry alone could exceed 2.6 billion yuan. At the national crisis, she gave generously and was even more kind to the villagers. She was engaged in water conservancy, education and military pay. She opened warehouses to provide food for the victims of natural disasters. When you don't know Zhou Ying, do you think that a woman widow in the feudal society of the late Qing Dynasty could talk with men and become the richest man in business? But she really exists, and it's not hard to appreciate her from all walks of life.

It is reported that Zhou Ying has two descendants, one is adopted son Wu huaixian and the other is adopted daughter Xiu Qiao. In the TV series, Wu pin is in a coma. Zhou Ying marries Wu pin in order to 'celebrate'. Then, how did Zhou Ying, who is a real lady in history, marry into Wu's mansion?

There is a legend in Jingyang that Zhou Ying's parents died early and were raised by her brother and sister-in-law. At the age of 17, her brother and sister-in-law were in charge of marrying Wu pin, who was seriously ill. Tao Zan said Zhou Ying was appointed to marry when she was young, and her husband was seriously ill in adulthood and died shortly after marriage.

However, Wu Guohua, a descendant of Zhou Ying, specifically refutes this rumor. She said that Zhou Ying's original epitaph said that Wu pin died three years after she and Zhou Ying got married. Wu pin and Zhou Ying once had a daughter, who died before the age of one, which is recorded in Wu Mi's diary. Wu Guohua said that when Wu pin was alive, Zhou Ying adopted Wu Yucheng, a two-year-old nephew of the middle court, as her son, and changed her name to Huai Xian, which means her grandfather. Because she is eager to miss her daughter, when Wu huaixian was 10 years old, Zhou Ying also adopted a daughter named Xiu Qiao.

The zhouying family in history is also a famous salt merchant in Shaanxi Province. Zhouying is the daughter of Zhoumei village of Hongding salt merchant. She is also the right person to marry Wu pin. Before the marriage, Wu Bing was seriously ill, and Zhou Ying was still loyal to him. Who knows that there was a storm, Wu pin's father was killed when he was on a business trip, and Wu pin also left after hearing the news. At this time, Zhou Ying took on the development of Wu family without hesitation, and developed it into one of the few commercial aristocratic families.

When Zhou Ying took over the Wu family's industry, Zhou Ying considered a two-year-old nephew of the Wu family as an adoptive son and carefully trained the child. After Zhou Ying's death, Wu Xianhuai inherited the Wu family's property. Because of Zhou Ying's influence, when Wu Xianhuai developed the Wu family's industry, he still did not forget the common people. When he was faced with famine, he opened a warehouse to release grain. At that time, the common people were not starved to death.

Not only that, according to Zhou Ying's will, he distributed the Wu family's industries to the poor and the people of the Wu family. In order to support the Anti Japanese Zhou Ying's adopted son Wu huaixian, he finally donated the Wu family's courtyard. He said that the most respected thing in his life was his adoptive mother, Zhou Ying, because she influenced him to do so.

The legend of Zhou Ying, the richest woman in Shaanxi Province

In the second year of Xuantong (1910), Zhou Ying, a widow of Anwu, died at the age of 42. With the curtain call of her life, she distributed the huge amount of property that she had worked hard for decades to all the servants, and the land was owned by all the villagers. She left the Zhou family at the age of 17 and spent 25 years in the Wu family She used her strong and unyielding character to support the ups and downs of the Wu family. According to the local people, on the day of the funeral of Zhou Ying, a widow of Anwu, there were about 80000 spontaneous relatives from four neighboring villages. This kind of funeral was not unique in Guanzhong Road, but also unprecedented.

It's not easy for a person to succeed. It's more difficult for a woman. The success of Zhou Ying's life really has many qualities that surpass those of ordinary women. She can gather all the men and women around her. In addition to being smart and honest, everyone is willing to follow her. In the latest plot, Miss Qianhong, whom Wu Yi despises, is recognized by Zhou Ying as her elder sister, promising to die in the future.