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How to arrange the good living room geomantic omen

How to arrange the good living room geomantic omen

1. Access to entry

The living room is a place to receive guests, so the correct planning is that you can see the living room as soon as you enter the gate. If you need to go through the bedroom or kitchen before you can get there, it will make the inside and outside of the house not clear, so that life lacks privacy, and it is easy to make work or business derail and make mistakes.

2. The moving line is smooth

The wine cabinet or cupboard in the living room must be close to the wall. In addition, the sofa must also face the front door or TV. Never back the door, because the back door of the sofa will make his interpersonal relationship not harmonious, and easy to make villains or quarrel with his life. Another reason is that if a burglar breaks in, there will be more reaction time, and the response is not timely.

3. There is plenty of light

The ancients said that "the hall is bright and the room is dark", which means that the living room must have sufficient lighting and air circulation. Therefore, if the living room can be filled with positive energy at any time, the index of good luck will naturally increase.

4. The floor is solid

The floor of the living room should be solid, because the floor is the foundation of itself, so once the damage is found, it should be replaced immediately. In addition, feel cold floor such as marble, can spread carpet to dissolve.

5. Fish tanks should be few

Potted plants or fish tanks in Fengshui have the effect of open transport, but it should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to make the living room humidity too heavy and cause adverse effects.

6. Shoe cabinet height

The shoe cabinet beside the door should not be higher than the buttocks of adults, because the shoes worn every day will be stained with dust, representing filth and affecting the fortune.

7. Clean and tidy

The living room represents the hub of external communication. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean and tidy at any time to avoid piling up garbage and sundries. If the light bulb or fluorescent lamp is broken, it should be updated as soon as possible, so as to condense the centripetal force of family members and enhance personal wealth.

8. Item orientation

The articles used in the living room should pay attention to the key points. For example, if the horse faces outward, it is necessary to go out to seek wealth. Therefore, it is not allowed to put the horse's head inward, and the ship's head should not be turned outward.