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When will the new driving test regulations come into effect? What's the change from the first to the

the new driving test regulations have been put into effect since October 1. What are the new changes from subject 1 to subject 4? Recently, according to the requirements of the outline of motor vehicle driving training and examination, the Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of public security has undertaken the revision of industry standards such as the contents and methods of driver's examination (GA 1026). With the approval of the Ministry of public security, the new standard will be officially implemented on October 1, 2017.

Subjects 1 and 4

Adjust the proportion of the content of the theoretical test questions, mainly increase new types of questions such as safe and civilized driving, road traffic signal application, and strive to make the test content more practical.

Subject two

1. The reverse storage shall be completed within 3.5 minutes, and the side parking shall be completed within 1.5 minutes. If the time exceeds, it will be judged as unqualified.

2. Turn on the turn signal before the right angle turn, and turn off the turn signal after the turn.

3. Use the second gear (including the gear above the second gear) to pass the curve driving.

Subject three

1. In the starting, turning, lane changing, overtaking and side parking operations, if the turn signal is not turned on, it will be judged as unqualified directly. If the turn signal is turned on but the time is less than 3 seconds, it will also be judged as unqualified directly. (10 points deducted before)

2. Start, change lane, pull over and overtake, change from side head to back view, otherwise it will directly fail.

3. In the items of passing zebra crossing and straight through intersection, left turning and right turning of intersection, if it is clear that vehicles, pedestrians and non motor vehicles that do not actively give way to priority traffic in accordance with the regulations, it is directly unqualified.

4. If the timing of overtaking is not reasonable, which affects the normal driving of other vehicles; if the overtaking vehicle is not kept at a safe distance; if the overtaking signal is sent by the rear vehicle, the overtaking vehicle has the conditions to make it move to the right without slowing down, 10 points will be deducted.

5. If the vehicle body is more than 50cm away from the right edge line or sidewalk edge after parking, it is directly unqualified.