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Is it because of lack of water? How does pore coarseness recuperate repair?

For the white-collar people sitting at their desks, their skin is dull, yellow, and their pores are thick. How to protect them in autumn? Is it because of dry skin and water shortage?

Is water shortage one of the reasons for the large pores. If the skin surface water shortage, the cuticle will become dry, rough, pores and fine lines and other problems will be particularly obvious. Once the cuticle is full of water, the cells around the pores will expand, and the pores will naturally become less obvious.

Pore size is not all due to skin water shortage, there are other reasons The reason of rough skin is mainly due to the excessive secretion of sebum, which leads to rough pores. Pore coarseness is usually caused by hormone secretion disorder, excessive pressure, environmental pollution, cleaning work not done well and other reasons. In addition, with the growth of age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and there is a lack of support structure around the hair follicle, which is easy to make the pores appear larger; the skin environment with external oil and internal dry will also make the pores become larger.

How to regulate the gross pore and lack of water

1. Remove aged horniness. Regular exfoliation is a key step to improve pore coarseness! The metabolism of skin is a continuous process. If the aged horniness is not cleaned in time, the old horniness will accumulate more and more, resulting in rough skin and coarse pores.

2. Use convergent water. Prepare a proper amount of cotton pad and astringent toner, put the toner in the fridge and chill for 20 minutes, then wet it with cotton pad, and apply it to the large pores for 2-3 minutes.

3. Essential oil shrinks pores. Geranium essential oil has a skin activating effect and can help skin metabolism. Cypress essential oil has the function of controlling oil and moisturizing, which is beneficial to shrink pores. Mix the two together for better results.

4, apply vitamin C cucumber skin firming mask. Prepare one piece of vitamin C, half of cucumber and one spoon of honey. Put the cucumber into the blender and stir it into mud; grind the vitamin C into powder and mix it with cucumber and honey. Apply on the face for 15 minutes and then wash it. It can clean the pores, control the oil secretion, moisturize and whiten the skin.

5. Select maintenance products reasonably. There is a direct relationship between the large pores and the large amount of oil secretion. Therefore, mm with large pores should not use maintenance products containing animal oil, mineral oil or nutritional cream. It is recommended to use maintenance products that are fresh or have the effect of inhibiting oil secretion.

6. Do a good job in oil control. After cleaning the face every time, lavender crystal dew or tea tree crystal dew can be used to enhance the antibacterial power of the skin surface and inhibit the skin's oil production, while astringent the skin.

7. Make up as little as possible. Many cosmetics contain grease that can cause pores to block, make the skin unable to breathe normally, and make pores bulky, so mm with relatively bulky pores is better to make up less. When you have to make up, you'd better apply a layer of refreshing cream before you put on makeup.