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Apostle 2 may like Xu Tiantang or le Shaofeng? Who was may last with?

the TV series "the Apostle 2" has been welcomed by many fans in China after its broadcast. In the first place, Zheng Shumei, a rookie undercover agent, was in a state of affairs. Many people joked that such a person could be an undercover agent, so it seems that Ah Mui, Xu Tiantang and Le Shaofeng have emotional roles in the play!

In the play, the relationship between Xu Tiantang, Le Shao and Ah Mei seems to be the most concerned. The three seem to have developed into a love triangle. In Episode 7, we can see a lot of rather ambiguous things happened between Xu Tiantang month and Ah Mui, and the audience supporting the two together is no longer small. Will Xu Tiantang and may be together? Let's take a look at the news that may likes Xu Tiantang

In the last episode, we can see that Ah Mui was fascinated by overpowering drugs, but at the critical moment, Xu Tiantang appeared in time, and also succeeded in saving the beauty. But later, after taking Ah Mui home, she found that Ah Mui was crazy and tortured herself, which made brother Tiantang very depressed. So they really got to know each other.

Following the clues left by lisir, she resolutely decided to go to Thailand to save her companion. At the same time, zhuokai, who was looking for the truth about lisir's murder, met him and became the mentor of his younger sister's undercover.

After sneaking into the Thai gangs, she pretended to be drunk and seduced, and came into contact with the core goal of the mission by mistake. In the process of undercover gangs, Zheng Shumei got to know two men with extreme personalities, Le Shaofeng and Xu Tiantang.

Le Shaofeng is indifferent and reticent. He doesn't like to be close to people. He is extremely skilled in getting things. He is ruthless in his pursuit of goals. Xu Tiantang is a playboy who has a natural way of doing things, which is in sharp contrast to le Shaofeng, who is cold outside and hot inside.

In the movie, Xu Tiantang and his sister often fight each other, but they do not hide their affection for her. Even in the crisis of two people's lives on the street, he can easily say 'because I want to soak you', and his free and easy personality is very charming.

Although Le Shaofeng has few words, he can appear beside his sister at the critical moment and protect her well. In the ice like undercover life of her sister, Le Shaofeng gave her the most wanted sense of security.

Who is the "doomed man"? The tangle of identity background and emotional entanglement among the three people is another highlight of "apostle 2".

From the flowers of the three, we can see that Huang Cuiru and the two actors have kissing scenes. According to reports, Huang Cuiru will circle between Yuan Weihao and Zhou Baihao, but she says with a smile that she is not satisfied enough and hopes to be able to make both ends meet. Asked if there are any passion plays and bed plays in the play, Yuan Weihao said that there will be some more relaxed bed plays.

It is reported that Le Shaofeng's identity was discovered by Dexin, and ended up in a tragic end & hellip; & hellip; isn't Meitou and Xu Tiantang together? Let's wait for the story to be broadcast together.

Speaking of cooperation with two partners, Huang Cuiru could not help but Tucao Pakho Chau, he was "undercover in life". It turns out that in the process of filming "apostle 2", Zhou Baihao unexpectedly "disappeared secretly", and left immediately after filming. Later, Huang Cuiru saw the news and knew that Zhou Baihao was going to get married.