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What are the key points of Fengshui taboo

What are the key points of Fengshui taboo the colors used in interior decoration also affect the geomantic omen of houses. Red is the most auspicious color for Chinese people, indicating warmth, happiness, auspiciousness and strength. Yellow is a symbol of brightness, nobility, authority and longevity. Gold and vermilion are used as the main colors of clothes and palace decoration in the Forbidden City to show nobility and authority.

What are the taboos of Fengshui in housing

The structure of the house is the focus of our attention, but it is also related to Fengshui. According to geomantic omen, unreasonable structure of houses will lead to disharmony between husband and wife, and poor health and fortune of family members.

The house geomantic omen should not see the light

The so-called house without light refers to the fact that no matter how good the sun is during the day, there is always very little sunshine that can shine on the room. Such a situation leads to the aggravation of Yin Qi. The direct result of the aggravation of Yin Qi is bad temper, which is easy to cause conflicts between husband and wife, and the other is the most unfavorable for wealth.

A house high on the right and low on the left

Feng Shui says, left green dragon, right white tiger. If there is a very high house on the right side of the house you live in, then you should be careful about your health. If you encounter such a house, first, it is not good for money, and second, it is not good for health. If you're lucky before you live in this house, you'll have worse luck after you live in it. A house like this must be resolved very early, otherwise it will be very unfavorable.

The gate faces the gate or kitchen

If the balcony is facing the front door or kitchen, it will weaken the function of family reunion, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will come out of the wall, and the child will not be subject to going home. The curtain can be closed for a long time as a barrier. The position of the entrance and exit gate should not face the balcony, which forms the so-called "through the heart", and it is not easy to gather wealth at home, and there are repeated financial affairs. The former is connected to the latter, and the latter is empty. Solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and balcony, and place fish tanks at the entrance of the gate (those who hit and avoid water can not put fish tanks, but can be replaced by screens).

The bathroom or kitchen has a door

There is an old saying that good, like the bathroom or the kitchen facing the door, the formation of the "upper water" through the "water" pattern, is not conducive to wealth. The center should not be polluted. This means that the central part of the house should not be used as a toilet. At the same time, the toilet should not be located in the center of the rear half of the house, which is just in line with the gate, because it is likely to lead to financial losses.

What are the taboos of Feng Shui in the bedroom

The bedroom is a person's most private place, also is the geomantic omen technique produces the biggest influence to the human place. When decorating the bedroom geomantic omen, we need to consider many factors, such as the eight characters of one's birthday, the Chinese zodiac and blood type. At the same time, we should not only let Feng Shui bring us positive energy, but also avoid the negative influence of geomantic omen on us. Don't let some wrong geomantic omen ruin our luck.

Bedroom geomantic taboo:

The shape of the bedroom is square

Not suitable for beveled or polygonal shapes. Slant edge is easy to cause vision illusion, and multi angle is easy to cause oppression, thus increasing the mental burden of people. In the long run, it is easy to suffer from diseases and accidents.

Bathrooms should not be converted into bedrooms

The pipeline of modern building is constructed as a whole, so the bathroom and toilet of the whole building are located in the same place. If you change the bathroom into a bedroom, it will inevitably cause you to sleep in the bathrooms on the upper and lower floors. The bathrooms are originally damp and unclean, which will inevitably have an impact on environmental hygiene. In addition, when the toilet and water pipes are opened, your peace will be affected, so it will cause harm to people's physical and mental health.

Bedrooms should be bright during the day and dark at night

Bedroom should be equipped with windows, in addition to air circulation, daylight can be more relaxed during the day, and at night windows should be equipped with curtains to block the outdoor night light, so that people can easily sleep.

House color geomantic omen

Many people do not pay attention to the color of house decoration, and the color of house decoration also has certain attention. House decoration color Fengshui good or bad, will bring great influence to the family.

The color used in interior decoration also affects the geomantic omen of residence. Red is the most auspicious color in China, which means warmth, happiness, auspiciousness and strength. Yellow is a symbol of brightness, nobility, authority and longevity. Gold and vermilion are used as the main colors of clothes and palace decoration in the Forbidden City to show nobility and authority. Orange represents holiness. Monks traditionally wear orange cassock, which represents the supremacy of Buddhism. Green represents life, spring, tranquility and freshness. It is a commonly used color in interior decoration. Indoor decoration with green carpet and bonsai will make people calm. White and black indicate sadness and dullness. Color matching should be considered according to Chinese people's living habits, customs, beliefs and taboos. Black, pure blue, dark gray, medium gray and pure white should not be used as far as possible.

Geomantic omen emphasizes Yin and Yang and five elements. Therefore, the use of indoor color, to be consistent with the function of the room, but not offensive. The five elements of wood, gold, fire, water and soil correspond to green, white, red, black and yellow respectively. Two examples are given to illustrate: for example, in restaurants, the main selling food belongs to soil, the main color should be yellow, and the food should be cooked with fire and water. Operate with gold (cookware). It can also be used with red, milk yellow and other colors. The color of fashion owner can be light green, milk white, and supplemented with elegant red, elegant blue.