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What is the influence of living room calligraphy and painting on geomantic omen

What is the influence of living room calligraphy and painting on geomantic omen

The influence of living room decoration painting on household fortune

Choosing a suitable living room decoration calligraphy and painting to beautify the room can not only improve the elegance of the room, but also affect the whole family fortune. The sitting room should be located in the center of the whole house and in front of the house. The decorations and decorations in the living room are also symbols of master's taste and personality to some extent. The location of the living room is particularly important. It is called "financial position" in traditional geomantic omen, so the layout and decoration of the living room can not be ignored.

Let's talk about the main color of the living room first

The use of living room color, completely different from person to person, because everyone's preferences are different. The collocation and use of living room color, in addition to paying attention to practical beauty, should also cooperate with the residential grid, because there is Fengshui in it.

It is not suitable to leave too much space in the living room of the house (the house sits in the South and the gate is North), otherwise it is easy to attract fire and lawsuit.

The living room of kanzhai should adopt more quiet and cool colors, otherwise it is not good for money.

The living room of qianzhai must be bright, and a large number of white series should be used as far as possible. In this way, the residents will be more intelligent and elegant; if the dark color is more than half of the four sides, it will make the residents stupid and more disadvantageous to men.

The living room of Duzhai should be bright and suitable, that is, the white tone should not be more than three-quarters of the four sides, or three faces a big window. Otherwise, the family may be in the power of a woman, which will damage the potential crisis of her husband or man.

Gen house (home sitting northeast, the gate to the southwest) the living room should not be too wide, more white, earth yellow, brown color is appropriate.

Kunzhai (home sitting southwest, the gate to the northeast) living room equipment should be more, furniture should use heavy materials, more yellow or log color series, avoid narrow. The living room of Xun's house should be light and wide, with green series and more flowers and trees for decoration.

The living room of Zhonggong house can be set freely, but yellow series should be used to unify the whole room.

The influence of living room calligraphy and painting on Fengshui

Living room decoration has a great influence on geomantic omen. If it is good, it can complement each other. If it is not good, it will offset each other. Therefore, it should be just right to make it produce the effect of avoiding evil spirits and connecting Qi driven by stillness.

In the living room hanging calligraphy and painting is the most common decoration, but must cooperate with the host identity. If you are a scholar, you'd better hang some inspirational and literati style calligraphy and painting, such as inspirational calligraphy -- heaven rewards the diligent, the sea embraces all rivers, calligraphy 'struggle' and high wind and bright bamboo; if you are an artist, you'd better name it as an artist; if you're a doctor, you'd better hang up the painting of Hua Tuo's reincarnation; if you're a businessman, you'd better hang up a picture of eight horses to achieve success; if you're a farmer, you'd better hang a 24 solar term chart and be content For ordinary civil servants or people with no professional status, they should put up calligraphy and paintings such as persuading people to do good deeds, be loyal, filial and righteous, and be motivated. Appropriate calligraphy and painting should be hung on the wall that can be seen as soon as you enter the door, usually the largest wall of the living room or the wall above the sofa. At the same time, it is better to hang some calligraphy and paintings in the living room, such as blessing zhenzhai, Zhong Kui's drunken picture, and downhill tiger.