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Is the 2017 Dragon Boat Festival freeway free? 2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice arrangement

Although Dragon Boat Festival is also a traditional festival, it is not included in the high-speed free holiday. 2017 holiday free schedule recommendation, important thing to remember, this year's high-speed is to charge! Charge! Charge!

In 2017, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day, National Day (overlapped with Mid Autumn Festival) and other festivals, high-speed traffic is free, new year's day and Dragon Boat Festival are not free!

Precautions for freeway free passage

Get on the freeway for free and get the card first;

Free time is subject to departure from the exit;

The blue van must show the driving license;

Etc Lane will continue to open for operation and identify signs to change lane in advance.

2017 high speed free model

The high-speed passenger vehicles under 7 SEATS (including 7 seats) and motorcycles running on ordinary toll roads.

How about the free passage time of Expressway?

The expressway traffic time is subject to the time when the passenger car gets off the expressway

Drive away from the highway near the end of the free time.