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What songs will tfboys sing in 2017 CCTV mid autumn evening party?

is 2017 CCTV mid autumn party very much expected? Since ancient times, it's a tradition to eat moon cakes and watch the evening party on the Mid Autumn Festival. So this year's CCTV program has been exposed! In 2017, the mid autumn evening party of CCTV moved to the northeast of China for the first time and was held in Daqing, an oil city known as the "city of hundreds of lakes".

This year's CCTV autumn evening has continued its previous singing and dancing styles, including Jackie Chan, Qi Qin, Qi Yu, Wang Mingquan, Yin Xiumei, Han Lei and other old artists, as well as young people's favorite idol stars tfboys, Zhang Han, Shang Wenjie and so on. The songs "rising of the moon", "Moonlight Serenade" and "the moon represents my heart" reveal the theme of "the moon". The songs "who is lovesickness given to", "I would like to", "all rivers and mountains are always in love" and "on the water side" are full of deep lovesickness. The Mid Autumn Festival in the northeast, of course, should have the characteristics of the northeast. The songs "forest sea and snow plain", "beautiful girl waves", "Wusuli boat song", "birch forest" and "I love the snow in the north" all depict a northern style. At 20:00 on the night of Mid Autumn Festival on October 4, CCTV comprehensive channel, variety channel, Chinese international channel and CCTV network will be broadcast simultaneously.

2017 CCTV mid autumn evening program

Moderators: Lu Jian, Meng Shengnan, Wu Peng, Liu Yanhui

Performance of the opening song and dance "rising of the moon": Lin Yilun, Yu Yueyue

2 song "who is lovesickness given to" performance: Huo Zun, good sister

Performance of the song "I wish": Qi Qin, Qi Yu

Performance of the song when you are old: Wu Qixian, Wu yonghuan

5 song "never left" performance: Lin Zhixuan

6 Song "clap your hands when you feel happy" performance: Legend of Phoenix

7 song "on the water side": Jiang Shan

8 Song "the moon represents my heart" performance: Wang Xiaomin, David, Hao Ge

9 song "Moonlight Serenade" performance: Zhang Han

10 song "forest, sea, snow field" performance: rhythm tribe voice Moon Group

11 song "all the way together" performance: Lei Jia

Scene telling performance of "see the iron man again": Zhang Lianwen, Daqing drama troupe

13 song "look at Beijing full of affection" performance: Yao linhui, Yan Xuejing

Performance of the song "all rivers and mountains are always in love": Wang Mingquan

15 song "mind reading" performance: Tang Fei

16 song "come on, amigo" performance: tfboys

17 song "Wusuli boat song" performance: Wang Xi

18 song "big girl beautiful big girl wave" performance: Wei Jindong, Yan Xuejing

19 song "birch forest" performance: Tong Tiexin, Guan Xiaotong

20 song "I love the snow in the north of the Great Wall" performance: Yin Xiumei

21 song "country" performance: Jackie Chan

22 song final faith performance: Shang Wenjie

23 Shadow Dance "hope for a long time" performance: Hungary attraction phantom dance group

24 instrumental performance: Lang Lang, Qi & middot; baoligao

25 song "don't forget the first heart" performance: Han Lei

26 song "pursuit" performance: Wei Song, Wang Li

27 the final song and dance "moon on the sea" performance: Mo Hualun and Zhang Ye (the actual broadcast shall prevail if there is any change in the program)