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What is swag? What is swag? Where does swag come from

Four seas net: recently Chinese game ha fire. In addition to Wu Yifan's freestyle, the word "swag" is also on fire. Many people even take swag as their personal signature. The word "swag" is beginning to explode. Everyone who is related to fashion and fashion says "swag". Do you know what swag means? Where does it come from? Let's take a look at it together!

Swag [U.S.] [SW & aelig; ɡ] n. loot, plunder; shake; a lot of VI. hang down; shake, tilt vt. make & hellip & hellip; sway; decorate with hang up

The first time I heard the word swag:

A hip-hop party, a friend came back from overseas, saw a local MC's dress, shouted a swag! The MC shrugged and looked proud just after the voice fell.

Then there's a round of Frenzy: various singers mention the word swag in the lyrics, such as American singer Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Korean singer Gd, etc. In fact, swag is the feeling of your own confidence, culture, style, and demeanor. Swag's feeling can make you always keep your head up and show the meaning of "cool", "confident", "stylish" and "have your own style"! Many new hip-hop MVs have singers who use the word to brag about themselves or their teams. You can also translate it into: Niubi, shuaibang, the earth man has been unable to stop him, and so on. There is a song called "turn my swag on". The name of the song is more meaningful. I don't want to teach the children bad You can translate it as [domineering]

Swag is in the following two song titles:

[T.I feat. Wyclef – My Swag]

[Kayne West feat. Lil Wayne – Swagger like us]

There are many swag style brands:

Obey, supreme, crooks castles are all popular styles of swag.

According to the investigation of relevant departments:

Generally, black people use it a lot. Unfortunately, it's a commendatory word in black circles, and a neutral word in white circles. Swagga is an evolutionary use, meaning a person who moves with ease. If you talk about swag with younger Americans, they will think it's nothing and very fashionable. If you run and say man you got swag to a middle-aged white man, people may think you are very ungrounded. So look at culture.

A bit of a surprise:

Swag used to mean promotional gifts and personal feelings. So swag means swag [free stuff] that is actually swag [awesome]. This word is commonly used in fashion shows. Invited participants usually get a bag of gift bags. If the bags are really good For example: 'Jesus, if I had known that the swag was going to be swag, I would have got out of of bed instead of catching up on Netflix!' God, if I had known that this gift bag would be so good, I would not have watched Netflix movies at home instead of going out!

A little colder:

Swag also has its own meaning: a bunch of flowers. People who know this are not ordinary people.

In a word, swag on you means you are handsome, cool, fashionable and fashionable

ASTRO, an American Daredevil, also likes to use the word. After a rap song, it's usually swag. At this time, you can translate it as "just so handsome!"

Swag should be a new skool style. It's not the same as old skool. In terms of wearing, it's more likely to be tight, rather than loose or huge. There will be more elements in the mix and match, and more coquettish colors will be chosen in the color matching, but everyone wants to be different & hellip; for girls, swag should be a kind of bad feeling mixed with sexy 'you know

Swag, if you use the acronym, it may also be: Secret + we + are + gay {which will scare flowers and plants

In the end, as long as you are good at catching small feelings:

Dressing style can be swag decoration style can be swag car style can be swag kids can also swag in fact, even dogs can swag, so see what you think is handsome jump out of a swag, catch up with a pop is right! Hurry up Chek Chek!