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When will the automobile purchase tax be restored?

From January 1, 2018, the car purchase tax of 1.6L and below will be restored to 10%, but now it is only 7.5%. So for those who want to buy a car, we must seize the time to buy a car, because it can save a lot of money!

From January 1 next year, the statutory tax rate of 10% will be restored to collect vehicle purchase tax

Three months left. Are you ready to buy a car?

As for the so-called new automobile regulations, most car owners maintain a loving and hateful attitude. Do you remember the preferential policy of halving the purchase tax of 1.6L displacement? At that time, there was a lot of noise and firecrackers, which made small displacement cars burst into flames, and the neighborhood was full of money. But just this year, the car purchase tax was restored by 7.5%. From January 1, 2018, the statutory tax rate of 10% will be restored to collect vehicle purchase tax. This means that the purchase of small displacement vehicles from next year will reduce the purchase tax preference. So, how will this affect the car market?

Citizens rush to catch the last bus

The reporter recently visited Nanyang automobile market and learned that many consumers want to buy cars before the implementation of the new purchase tax policy 'I plan to buy the car I like this year, because if I buy it again next year, I will spend thousands of yuan more on the purchase tax. 'Mr. Zhao, who has been hesitant to wait and see after learning the new policy of vehicle purchase tax, decided to buy a car in the near future. Mr. Zhao told reporters that he was interested in a Buick yinglang car of about 100000 yuan. If he bought it before the end of this year, the vehicle purchase tax would be about 7500 yuan. If he bought it next year, according to the policy of adjusting the vehicle purchase tax to 10%, the vehicle purchase tax would be about 10000 yuan.

In fact, there are many people who share the same ideas with Mr. Zhao. Ms. Li, a citizen, wants to change a new car with a price of about 200000 yuan. She has made a calculation. It will save a lot of money to buy this year than next year.

Vehicle dealers start impulse mode in the second half of the year

"We are now focusing on the vehicle purchase tax and hope to use this policy to set a new sales volume in the second half of the year. "The sales manager of a 4S shop in the city told reporters that the company's current supply of models with displacement of 1.6L and below is still sufficient this month. After the National Day holiday, the supply of vehicles will start to be tense. This year, the company's car sales are much higher than last year, which is largely due to the vehicle purchase tax policy.

A marketing manager of a sales limited company said that the number of cars purchased has been increasing this year. Although the vehicle purchase tax will be levied at the statutory rate of 10% again next year, the company will focus on the cost-effectiveness to attract car buyers Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of dealers, car dealers said that the preferential range of vehicle purchase tax will be reduced from next year, which should have little impact on the car market, because on the one hand, the purchase demand of citizens is still there, on the other hand, many manufacturers will also launch targeted preferential activities