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What to do after 12 points deduction of driver's license? How to recover after 12 points deduction o

If you drive on the city road, you will be deducted points if you are not careful, especially with the promulgation of the new traffic law, which makes the deduction more frequent. If you run a red light, 6 points will be deducted. It's easy to get a full driving license. What if the points are full? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

5 days of training

The driver can arrange the time for training and study according to his own situation. This study is not required to be completed within 5 days. No matter how long the study period is, as long as all courses are completed, the driver can take the exam at any time.

According to reports, in the traffic safety education and training center after the end of study to take part in subject one exam. The total cost of study and examination is 90 yuan. If you fail in the first examination, you can apply for a make-up examination. If you fail to pass the make-up examination, you need to pay 90 yuan for the make-up examination and continue the make-up examination. After passing the examination, the computer will automatically print out the report card, and sort out and file it within 24 hours. If some drivers score 12 points twice in a scoring cycle, they need to take the party's report card to the vehicle management office to make an appointment to participate in the subject 3 test, and only after passing the subject 3 test can they be scored and filed.

For some provinces and regions that have opened online vehicle management institute, online learning can be conducted through online vehicle management institute.

Drivers who register for study on the Internet need to register and fill in the driver's license number and file number, set the login password, leave the email address and mobile phone number, and upload the picture. The whole learning process requires 35 hours. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of drivers, the online learning time shall not exceed 7 hours every day. After the online learning, the traffic police department will arrange drivers to take an examination in the traffic safety education and training center. After passing the test, you can get 12 points again and get driving qualification again.

Deduct 6 points for C1 driving license internship only after paying the fine, the score will be cleared after the internship. C1 no more than 12 points can be deducted during the driving license practice period. The cumulative scoring cycle (i.e. scoring cycle) of road traffic safety violations is 12 months, and the full score is 12 points, calculated from the date when the vehicle driver's license is first obtained. If the driver of a motor vehicle has a record of 12 points or more during the internship period, he / she shall be disqualified from driving the vehicle during his / her internship period.

If a driver with a driver's license for a large bus, tractor, city bus, medium-sized bus or large truck scores more than 6 points but less than 12 points in the one-year internship period, the internship period shall be extended for one year. In the extended internship period, if more than 6 points are recorded but less than 12 points are not achieved, the driving qualification of the quasi driving model for the internship shall be cancelled.