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Personal information of Li Ran, Princess of Belgium

Princess of Belgium is a sister of Guangdong Province. How did Li Ran come to know each other? Follow Xiaobian to learn about the Chinese girl married to the royal family! Li Ran, from Huizhou, Guangdong Province, married the Belgian prince in a low-key way. Now he is 5 years old. Li Ran, born on March 28, 1984 in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, has a pure Chinese pedigree. His father, Li Yuhui, has always been known as mayor or senior government official of Huizhou.

It's almost every girl's childhood dream to marry a prince. Although she has long been sniffing at the idea of her childhood as she grows up, in modern society, there are few countries with monarchy, and it's not so easy to meet a real prince.

But it is undeniable that there are still many girls in the world who meet the real prince and fulfill their princess dream.

No, having a Chinese girl makes dreams come true!

The point is! This girl is from our great Huizhou!

What's going on?

The princess, Li Ran, was born in Guangdong on March 28, 1984, and her husband, Prince Charles of Belgium (the full name of the prince is Charles Joseph Malcolm de ligne La tr moille), was born and raised in Paris in 1980.

The two met in the romantic capital of Paris. After a year and a half of love, Li Ran, 26, married Prince Charles in a low-key way on November 20, 2010.

Online sources say she is the first real Chinese girl to marry into the European royal family and the first asian princess in Belgium.

The former Danish Princess, the first asian princess in the history of the European royal family, is well known. Although she was born in Hong Kong, she is only 1 / 8 Chinese (1 / 4 Chinese) and British.

Because Charles and Li Ran have different religious beliefs, there is no ceremony for their wedding. Li Ran wore a red wedding dress designed by Gerard Watelet, a Belgian designer. It was very in line with the traditional custom of Chinese brides to wear red when they got married. She wore a crown inlaid with gold and Citrine on her head, with a bright and dazzling rhythm. From that day on, Li Ran was a Belgian princess with title, body and wealth.

Who is Prince Charles?

First of all, I would like to introduce the Prince Charles from the Belgian family. His original name is Charles & middot; lemolo & middot; Joseph & middot; Malcolm. He was born on February 25, 1980 in Paris, France. He is the second son of Charles & middot; Anthony & middot; Mary & middot; Louis & middot; Eugene & middot; Mauro and his second wife, Princess ariet of KrO, When Charles was 22, his parents divorced.

Some people may be curious to ask, what kind of ghost is the Belgian family? Is it the same with the Belgian Royal family? In fact, there is no relationship between the two. The current Belgian Royal family is only 200 years old, but the history of the family can be traced back to the 11th century.

It is one of the oldest and most famous nobles in Belgium, most famous for the Holy Roman Grand Marshal Prince Charles & middot; Joseph & middot; de & middot; Leone.

The family acquired the title of prince or princess from the ancient Roman Empire and has been inherited to this day. After all, compared with the Belgian Royal family, their family is the original native.

Although he didn't enjoy the royal power, he was honored to have the title of Prince. In addition, Charles was very good at making money. He had worked as an interior architect for a while before. Later, he and his brother Edward (PS: his brother's appearance is far beyond his brother's) jointly opened larex company to do the construction of high-speed elevated railway and urban development project. In the United States, he also invested in land, and his business was successful.

How do they get to know each other?

From 2002 to 2006, she studied economics and finance at Beijing Language and Culture University. After graduation, Li Ran decided to study in France--

She first studied French language and civilization at Sorbonne University in Paris, and then entered the MBA in luxury marketing and management at the Paris Institute of higher management.

After graduating from the Paris Institute of higher management, she spent a year as an intern in the Givenchy store before selling in two of the top luxury brands, Balencia and Fendi.

Li Ran's short experience in studying abroad made him proficient in French as well as Chinese and English. This led to her acquaintance with Prince Charles of Belgium.

According to Belgian media reports, the two married after a year and a half in love, that is to say, in May 2009, when they were selling in Fendi, they met their real man.

At that time, Prince Charles was a designer in Paris.

At the wedding in 2010, Prince Mitchell was also happy and proud that her son married such a good daughter-in-law: 'she (Li Ran) studied in Paris and got a master's degree in luxury marketing. '

However, the details of their love are rarely reported, and they feel quite low-key.

On June 12, 2012, they gave birth to a mixed race Prince Amadeo, with the title of Prince Amadeo Joseph de ligne La tr Mo LLE. However, don't expect to see what the mixed race baby looks like. Even their photos haven't been exposed.

It is said that the married Li Ran settled in Shanghai. Although she is a princess, she works as a director of a European luxury brand. She is usually very low-key and rarely appears.

In August 2014, the husband and wife, together with 12 people, visited Shanghai Hexiang fruit and vegetable professional cooperative, a member of Shanghai new Shanghai business private enterprise cooperation promotion center.

According to the manuscript published on the official website, the reception side emphasized that Princess Li Ran was the real Chinese Princess among the first members of the European royal family.

In 2015, vogue, an Italian edition of the fashion magazine, made a "China special issue" in June. One of the chapters, in cooperation with Maserati, an Italian luxury car, invited seven successful women (car owners) from China to narrate how a woman lived elegantly and delicately with a series of advanced and elegant photos. The second one (car owner) was Li Ran.

From the information on the Internet, this princess is really low-key!

After the news came out on the Internet, the friends circle in Huizhou was fried.

Li Ran's classmates and friends discussed in the group one after another, and one of her boyfriend who had been secretly in love with her said, "if you lose to the prince, you will be honored.".

To sum up:

Li Ran, born in Meizhou, lives in Huiyang. He is a junior high school student in Huiyang. His senior high school is in the No.1 Middle School of the city. His senior high school is in the history class. He has lived in the school for three years. At that time, it was one of the "goddesses" of many boys of the same class in No!

For the photos on the Internet, many of the first middle school students of that year said: "remember when reading, real people are much more beautiful than this!"

Anyway, I wish this sister who lived in Huizhou for many years!