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Male or female crab in October?

October is the best season to eat hairy crabs, so it's better to eat male or female crabs? October crabs eat male or female 'September navel, October tip', which are all about the time to eat crabs: the lunar calendar September eat female, October eat male.

After October, the female crab starts to harden, while the male crab starts to cream white, so there is a saying of "September navel, October tip".

When the body of male crab paste is strong and strong, the so-called 'shell convex red fat block fragrance', male crab's paste fat is not only more than female crab, but also more sweet and soft; one of the main characteristics of male crab paste is that it will not become hard after being cooked, and tastes tender and smooth.

Is crab yellow male or female? Of course, it's female. Male crab is crab cream. The belly of the female crab is round, and the belly of the male crab is sharp like the Yellow Crane Tower. Now it should be time to eat the female crab. The crab is plump. Before eating the male crab, the male crab will not be fat until the 11th National Day.

Crab yellow, the ovary and digestive gland of crab, orange, delicious. Crab roe is not crab's egg. Although its composition is basically the same as crab's egg, there is essential difference between them. The crab roe does contain the egg cells that are not discharged from the body, but there are other organs, glands, tissue fluid and other substances of the crab, not just the crab roe. When the crab yolk becomes large and bright orange, it means that the gonad of the female crab has matured. At this time, the crab egg is produced and discharged from the body, and the egg cells left in the gonad still belong to a part of the crab yolk. Crab roe is rich in protein, phospholipid and other nutrients. It is rich in nutrition, but it also contains high content of oil and cholesterol.

How to identify male and female crabs?

It seems that the appearance of hairy crabs is basically the same. It can't be seen at all from the shell. A simple way to distinguish them is to see the belly of hairy crabs, and make a very vivid analogy. The male crabs wear t-pants, and the female crabs wear diapers. That is to say, the male crabs have a long shell with meat on their belly, which is pointed, while the female crabs are round. Another way is to The shell is opened. If there is yellow, it is crab roe. It must be female. If it is white, it is crab cream. It must be male. There are more male crabs than female crabs.