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What will happen if you don't pay back? The consequences are very serious

What will happen if you don't pay back? The consequences are very serious

Sihai: Alipay is the capital service provided by users to users. Users can pay for their purchases first, and then pay back later. Some curious partners ask, "what if buddy does not pay back?" Let's take a look at it.

High penalty interest

Like credit cards, overdue payment will generate overdue interest, which will charge the user daily interest at 5 / 10000 of the outstanding amount of the current period. The default interest of 10000 yuan / day is 5 yuan, which is equivalent to the money for a breakfast. If the penalty interest is accumulated over time, it will be even more terrible.

Influence sesame credit and PBC credit investigation

Hua Bai is a heavy product of Alipay. When you think with your toes, you know that overspending will definitely reduce the credit score of sesame seeds. The credit score of sesame may cause users to not enjoy some of Alipay's services, such as free bicycle sharing. Generally speaking, the initial overdue payment of Huabei will only affect the credit score of sesame, and if it is seriously overdue, it will be reported to the credit reference system of the people's Bank of China.

Huabei reduces the amount

Those who are overdue will be reduced.

Loan and online business loan application is limited

At present, although the overdue records of Huabei will not be shown in the credit reference of the central bank, it will be reflected in the records of sesame credit and other credit reference agencies. It will be unable to apply for any loan under ant financial services, including ant loan and online business loan.

Face the risk of prosecution, even imprisonment

According to the law of our country, if the party concerned, for the purpose of illegal possession, fabricates facts and cashes out a large amount of loan institutions such as Jingdong Baitiao and Huabei, and fails to repay them when they are due, they can be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the crime of fraud and contract fraud.

If you don't pay back the money for a long time, which results in malicious overdue payment, you may be sued to the court. After the judgment takes effect, you can apply to the court for enforcement, and it is possible to go to prison at that time.

Encounter fancy collection

If the money is not paid, if the money is not enough for the bank card that Alipay or Alipay is tied up, it will not be the same as other loan platforms. Hua Hua reminds users to repay the money in the first 9-13 days after the repayment date. If it still doesn't return, Hua will manually make phone reminders after 13 days overdue, and even outsource the debt to a special reminder. The company collects money by shouting abuse, threatening threats and bombing friends in the address book, so that people all over the world know that you don't pay back the money you owe.

What should I do after the overdue Huabei?

The top priority is to repay the debts as soon as possible. If the debts cannot be fully paid in a short period of time, the minimum payment can be paid first. In addition, in order to avoid the occurrence of overdue payment in the future, automatic repayment can be set.

Credit record is our second ID card. Overdue Huabei will cause a lot of trouble to our life. It is suggested that you should use Huabei appropriately according to your own situation and keep a good credit record.