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Can chestnut eat much constipation? How much is chestnut best to eat at a time?

Autumn and winter is the best season to eat chestnut. Chestnut has rich nutritional value and tastes very good. However, Xiaobian still doesn't recommend eating more. Eating more chestnut will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, so we should be cautious!

The consequence of eating too much chestnut

1. Dyspepsia

Although chestnuts are rich in nutrition, it is not easy to digest raw chestnuts, and it is easy to stagnate Qi when eating cooked chestnuts, especially for people with poor gastrointestinal function and digestive system diseases, so as to avoid aggravating the disease.

2. abdominal distension

Chestnut is a kind of high starch food, which contains a lot of non digestible carbohydrates, which is different from the fiber structure of rice noodles and vegetables. The stomach can't digest, but it's easy to be 'digested' by intestinal bacteria. It ferments and produces gas in the intestine. If you eat more, it's easy to cause abdominal distention.

3. constipation

In normal adults, a small amount of gas is retained in the gastrointestinal tract every day, and excessive consumption of chestnut will increase the amount of gas produced by bacterial digestion in the intestinal tract, thus forming gastrointestinal flatulence, which may lead to constipation.

4. get fat

The reason why Chinese chestnut tends to be fat is that its starch content is very high, and its GI is high (foods with high GI value are not good for weight loss). The heat of 100g Chinese chestnut reaches 212 calories, while the heat of 100g rice is only 112 calories. It can be seen that the heat of Chinese chestnut is too much than that of rice.

5. Affect blood sugar

Chestnut is a kind of nut with high starch. The carbohydrate content of dried chestnut is 77%, which is equivalent to 75% of grain, and fresh chestnut is 40%, which is 2.4 times of potato. The protein content of fresh chestnut is 4% - 5%, which is less than peanut and walnut, but slightly higher than cooked rice. Therefore, when eating chestnuts, we should avoid eating too much, especially for diabetic patients, so as not to affect the stability of blood sugar.

How much chestnut is suitable to eat at a time?

Chestnut has high nutritional value, rich in sugar, starch, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but doctors also remind that although chestnut is rich in nutrition, it is not recommended to eat more than 10 at a time for normal people.

If it is a weight-loss crowd, it is better not to exceed 8 at a time, 4-6 is more appropriate. This is to prevent fat, we must timely appropriate. Chestnut belongs to the nut with more starch. So the heat is bigger. For example, the energy of 100 grams of rice is 113 calories, and the energy of 100 grams of chestnut meat is 174 calories, so two chestnuts in calories is equal to three liang of rice. It is suggested that the number of chestnuts should not exceed 8 at a time, and the amount of staple food should be reduced accordingly after eating, so as to prevent obesity.