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What's the harm of staying up late? What's the good thing to stay up late and eat

What's the harm of staying up late? What's the good thing to stay up late and eat

Sihaiwang: the modern fast-paced lifestyle has led to a linear decline in the quality of people's sleep. Many people often stay up late, but I don't know what harm is caused by staying up late. How can we reduce the harm caused by staying up late? Let's have a look at the friends who often stay up late!

What are the hazards of staying up late

I. gastrointestinal problems

People who stay up late deprive the gastrointestinal tract of the opportunity to rest, leading to peptic gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, functional dyspepsia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, etc.

2. Inducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Stay up late when people are in a state of tension, can not be relaxed, resulting in abnormal vasoconstriction, blood pressure higher than normal, easy to induce high blood pressure or aggravate the condition. Now the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is gradually increasing and younger, often staying up late or one of the inducements.

III. increase the risk of cancer

Staying up late will make the endocrine hormone level disorder, make the cell metabolism abnormal, affect the normal division of human cells, lead to cell mutation, improve the risk of cancer.

V. take good eyesight

Staying up late is equal to using eyes with overload. The damage to the eyes is not only to turn into 'panda black eye circle'. More importantly, staying up late for a long time and using eyes with overload will lead to the loss of vision function.

6. Insomnia and depression

Staying up late hurts the body as well as the mind. Many young people don't sleep at night, feel sleepy during the day, have problems such as neurasthenia, and even lead to depression.

7. Serious skin injury

Irregular sleep and pressure will affect endocrine metabolism, cause skin water loss, easily lead to wrinkles, dull skin, long acne, dark circles aggravation, etc., especially after finishing makeup, the situation will be worse.

When you have to stay up late, being prepared can minimize the damage to your body:

What's good for staying up late often

1. Before staying up late, take a vitamin B nutrition pill. Vitamins can relieve fatigue and increase the body's resistance to stress.

2. It's easy to lack water when staying up late. Drink more boiled water and don't eat instant noodles when you're hungry, so as not to get angry. Try to eat fruit, bread, toast and porridge.

3. People who stay up late are mostly people who do word work or often operate computers. It is easy for them to suffer from eye muscle fatigue and vision loss after a hard night in the dim yellow light. Vitamin A and vitamin B have certain effect on the prevention of visual impairment. Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of photoreceptor in retina, which can improve the adaptability of workers staying up late to dim light and prevent visual fatigue. Therefore, you can eat more pig liver, carrots, eels and other foods rich in vitamin A, as well as lean meat, fish and other animal foods rich in vitamin B. In addition, we should also properly supplement calories, eat some fruits, vegetables and protein foods such as meat, eggs, etc. to supplement physical consumption, but do not eat them like a fish.

4. People who stay up late should also eat some fruits, vegetables and protein foods such as meat and eggs to supplement their physical strength.