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How much does it cost to take a picture with the human demon in Thailand? How much does it cost to t

The most important show Chinese people can't miss when they go to Thailand is to watch the human demon show and take photos with the human demon. How much is a group photo with the human demon? Generally speaking, 20 yuan is enough for a group photo!

After the performance, they are usually gorgeous and slim. The exchange rate of the airport is lower than that of the group tour guide. It is recommended to exchange the baht for the group tour guide, and the last remaining baht can also be exchanged for RMB at the exchange rate at the beginning.

You need to tip 20 for taking photos with ordinary human demons. If you touch the breast of human demons, you need 100. You need to scratch your head and look at your eyes. There are special people taking photos for you in each scenic spot of Pattaya. They will wear exaggerated dresses. It's about 20 yuan for 100 plants.

Photo fee tips:

1. When traveling in Pattaya, the average 20 baht, tips are their main source of income

Charges of Thai human demons

The most famous and beautiful Banshee in Thailand is the Tiffany Banshee of Pattaya, but the photos are for a fee. The price may vary from 100 to 200 baht. Looking back, there are various styles. Take photos with the audience outside the theater. The beautiful one is 40 baht. Because it is possible to charge by hand or by part, the human demons beckon the audience to take photos with them.