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Which fund should be selected by yu'e Bao in 2018

Which fund should be selected by yu'e Bao in 2018

Sihai network: balance treasure is Alipay's financial products, of course, you can buy products according to your wishes. Upgrade is upgrade! You can buy back Tian Hong yu'ebao currency. Choose one of the three funds.

After entering Alipay's home page, then click the balance treasure into the personal interface, then turn the money into the balance treasure after entering the balance treasure.

After the transfer out is finished, click the transfer in of yu'e Bao. In the transfer in, we click on the fund selection. There are four kinds of funds, all of which are unlimited. We choose the fund with the highest interest rate;

After selecting the fund, confirm that there is no mistake, and then transfer the money in the balance back to yu'ebao, so that the interest will be higher and the fund will be replaced successfully.

Which fund is better after yu'ebao upgrade

Some people think that yu'ebao is finally connected to other funds, so that you can buy the fund with the highest yield and maximize the return of money. We know that yu'ebao can only be replaced after upgrading. So, which fund is better after yu'ebao upgrade?

Due to the recent downturn in the monetary fund market, the average yield has fallen below 4%, so yu'ebao's performance is relatively average now. From the perspective of access funds, the ranking of return rate is: Hua'an ririxin currency a (040038): 4.0210%; China Europe roll money treasure currency a (001211): 3.9070%; Boshi cash income currency a (050003): 3.8090%.

This is the latest 7-day annualized income fund. We can know that Hua'an Rixin currency a has the highest yield. However, from the perspective of annualization, the return of China Europe rolling money treasure currency a is better than the other two funds.

No matter which one you choose, it's a monetary fund. The difference is just the difference in yield. After upgrading, there is no good or bad fund. As long as the fund you want to buy is good fund.

Generally speaking, how to change the fund after yu'ebao upgrade is very simple. You can replace the fund you want to buy according to the above contents. At the same time, after yu'ebao is upgraded, there are more types of funds and more choices. No matter which fund you choose, the yield is almost the same. As long as it is what you choose to buy, it is a good fund. Provide all kinds of loans, all kinds of time limit, the amount of loans are available, friends in need please consult!