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Do you need to buy a ticket for the baby to take the high-speed rail for several months? 2017 childr

Every new year's day, many people like to take their children back to their hometown for the new year, so it is inevitable to take the train. So does the baby who is a few months old use the train to buy tickets? What's the charge standard for the baby to take the train? Let's learn it together with Xiaobian.

according to the current train children's fee standard, an adult carrying a baby does not need to buy a ticket.

Free: an adult passenger can bring a child less than 1.2m in height free of charge. If more than one child is less than 1.2 meters tall, one child is free of charge, and other children must buy child tickets.

Children's ticket: Children's ticket is half price ticket, speed ticket and air-conditioned ticket; the seat type shall be the same as that of adult passengers, and the arrival station shall not be far from that of adult passengers.

Full price ticket: children with height of 1.2-1.5m must buy a child ticket; those with height of more than 1.5m must buy a full price ticket. When an adult passenger holds a sleeper ticket, the child may share a sleeper with him, and shall pay free or purchase tickets according to the above provisions. When children use a single sleeper, they should buy another full price sleeper ticket.

When buying real name tickets at the railway ticket window, the real name system is not applied to children's tickets. When purchasing tickets on the website of China Railway Customer Service Center, it is necessary to provide the valid identity document information of the children on board; if the children on board do not apply for the valid identity document, they can use the valid identity document information of the adults in the same line.

There are standard lines for measuring children's height at the ticket window, check-in entrance, exit and train end door of the station. When measuring the height of children, the actual height of children (taking off shoes) shall prevail.