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Which brand of dehumidifier to choose? 2017 top ten brand list of dehumidifiers

Which is the best dehumidifier in 2017

Sihaiwang: dehumidifier is one of the most commonly used household appliances in our daily life. Dehumidifier can share room humidity, meet human comfort to a greater extent, and prevent aggravating the corrosion of harmful bacteria such as mould.

There are many dehumidifiers in the market, with different prices, functions and effects, which make consumers feel very painful when purchasing. The following small edition brings you the latest ten brands of dehumidifiers in 2017. Let's take a look at it together!

1. (Songjing) Songjing is a professional dehumidifier and air conditioner manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is a brand jointly established by China and Germany and widely loved by foreign consumers. Songjing DH02 dehumidifier can ensure sufficient air intake, and its dehumidification efficiency can also be directly doubled. It has double-sided air intake and four-sided circular air outlet, which uniformly exports the air volume in a circular way, reduces wind resistance, and Fast air circulation, price: 699 yuan.

2. Duluxin) duluxin obtained the trademark registration certificate in 2011 and was officially established in 2013. It is mainly engaged in the air treatment industry. It was recognized by the technology giants and high-tech enterprises in 2016 that "continuous progress, only quality" is the psychological cry of duluxin design. Duluxin said to do what it said, and retained customers with quality and service.

3. (Chunlan) a well-known brand in China, is one of the largest enterprise groups in China. Electrical appliances, automatic vehicles and new energy are the three pillar industries of Chunlan.

4. (Gree) founded in 1985, it has 32 years of development history. It has become one of the top 45 Asian enterprises and successfully entered the top 500 in the world. Loyalty, friendliness, diligence and enterprising are the corporate spirit of Gree Group.

5. (yadu) yadu was founded in Beijing, China in 1987. It has been engaged in indoor environmental protection technology for 30 years. The company's products have not only passed ISO9000 certification, but also obtained UL certification, GS certification and CE certification.

6. (Midea) founded in Guangdong, China in 1968, has more than 200 subsidiaries in the world, and won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2015. It is the mission of Midea Group to "create a better life for mankind", and "one night as low as one degree" is the innovative technology of Midea Group.

7. (TCL) was founded in 1981, ranking 56th in China's top 500 list. TCL's enterprise spirit is dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation.

8. (Meiling) as one of the important electrical appliance manufacturers in China, Meiling uses the growth to prove its professional strength, and is also the first consumer environment in the industry to propose "home appliances to the countryside refrigerator, 10-year free warranty".

9. (Huoshi) originated from Australia, the world famous dehumidifier brand, deeply loved by foreign consumers.

10. (Deye) founded in Ningbo in 1990, after more than ten years of outstanding innovation and hard work, Deye is developing at a progressive speed.