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What's the gift for your girlfriend on Valentine's day? Valentine's day these gifts are absolutely c

In a few days, it's Valentine's day. For men who don't have emotional gifts, are they like ants on a hot pot? What kind of gifts will 520 online Valentine's day bring? Do you have such a girl in your heart, which makes you feel excited and not dare to approach. Don't you want to let her know if you like the goddess for such a long time? 520 take the opportunity to prepare a gift for the goddess and express your love boldly! What gift would you like for Valentine's day?

Flowers + Chocolate

"Ode to joy 2" should send Qiu Yingying chocolate and flowers frequently

Don't think this bridge section is tacky. Qiu Yingying should be frequently driven back to work in the current hit drama Ode to joy. He is also shy to send Qiu Yingying chocolates and flowers. Qiu Yingying is embarrassed to accept it. She says she doesn't understand why she should send these things frequently. Ying Qin put chocolate and flowers into Qiu Yingying's hands and said that Qiu Yingying was the most lovely girl he had ever met. The shyness of the two in the plot is so sweet, OK!

I believe that no girl in the world can't live with flowers. It's necessary to propose and date to express your love for 'life' with the rose symbolizing love. I believe that the beloved girl receives this romantic bouquet, which will bring her a unforgettable memory when her heart is captured.


Lipstick, also called lipstick, has been a symbol of feminine beauty since ancient times. How many talented scholars and poets planted on this "little red lip" in ancient and modern times, the "red lip is covered with bright teeth, and the beautiful color is like a Zhang", even the steel-making industry has become flexible. We can see the importance of beautiful lips to women.

In January 2017, consumer report conducted an all-round subjective measurement on 12 popular brands of lipstick, including Saint Laurent YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford, Lancome, L'Oreal, Shiseido, Armani Armani, M.A.C., Dior, Givenchy Givenchy, Maybelline and Ellie house. Straight men, don't say that Xiaobian didn't help you. For your life, Xiaobian also broke his heart. He sent 12 big brand super popular lipsticks for subjective measurement for reference.


Perfume can reflect your thoughts and sincerity. The difficulty of sending perfume is "fit", which requires your understanding of her / his life. If you can send a bottle of perfume suitable for her, the other side will naturally feel that you are usually at heart. If she can send out a bottle of perfume she likes, she will think you are a person who understands her.

A love poem written by yourself

If you think candlelight dinners and expensive jewelry are too innocuous, you will write a poem "Poetry" is a very mysterious thing, especially a love speech from your heart. Maybe you're not an experienced writer. You can't even write a funny passage. However, what's the point? Tell her in black and white what you want to say. These little defects, such as speech disorder, without modification, without rhetoric & hellip; & hellip;, are all unimportant in front of love.

Photo customized U disk

'I like that you are my exclusive memory, no one can take you away from me.' Chen Xiaochun has a song "exclusive memory", now you can also keep the exclusive memory in your heart in a unique way, customize the photo DIY in your mobile phone into your exclusive U disk, and give the goddess a special surprise!

Lucky stone transport Bead Bracelet

The more beautiful things are, the more quiet forces are needed to protect them A string of small bracelets, belonging to your guardian God ~ the sound of nature, the sound of everything, natural stone also has a warm and beautiful allegory Pink Crystal: allegory of love, recruit peach blossom, increase the sweetness of love Elongated stone: it means the future and has a natural moonlight effect Hailanbao: it means luck. It's called "Blessing Stone".

A pendant to show your love

When the equator keeps snowflakes and tears melt away the fine sand, will you cherish me? May the beauty of snowflakes no longer linger on your neck.

Personalized table lamp

The small lamp that emits warm light is like the warmth you give to the goddess. At night, it depicts a romantic pattern, so that the night is not monotonous! Some personalized lamps can also provide lettering. How about this unique creative gift? Is it suitable for her who loves her best!