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What are the differences between digital camera and SLR camera

What are the differences between digital camera and SLR camera

Four seas network: there are two kinds of cameras we see in daily life. One is digital camera and the other is SLR. The digital camera is also used as a card machine by us as a record of daily life, which is easy to carry, while SLR is suitable for people who are more professional or like to take photos. Let's take a look at the difference between digital camera and SLR together with small editors from all over the world. There are also photography skills of digital camera and SLR No thanks!

Difference between digital camera and SLR camera

Difference one: the lens is different between the two

When it comes to SLR, you will remember that it has a variety of lenses that can be supported. Some friends may think that the biggest difference between SLR and digital cameras is that one lens can be replaced and the other lens can't be replaced. In fact, this is not the case. For example, the e20p of Olympus is a SLR that can't be replaced, but this is a few special cases, And most SLR cameras on the market will be supported by lens groups. When shooting, we can change different lenses to achieve different effects.

Difference 2: digital camera cannot be used for professional photography

The lens function of the digital camera is still relatively small, and the manual function is relatively weak compared with the SLR camera, and the imaging ability is relatively poor. It's OK to take photos of travel or family life, but it can't be used for professional photography. The SLR camera can exchange different standard lenses, which is the inherent advantage of the SLR camera. It can shoot a wide range of fields, including landscapes, people and so on, but it needs to constantly change the lens according to the content of taking photos. Therefore, the price of SLR is more expensive than that of digital camera.

Brand introduction of SLR camera


Canon comes from Buddhism. Canon's founder is a doctor of medicine, who was inspired by his look up at the sky. Canon, formerly known as Seiki Kougaku kenkyujo or precision optical instruments laboratory, is an Institute of precision optical instruments. Its original intention is just to study the development of high quality camera. The company was founded in Japan (Japanese: キ ヤ ノ ン Co., Ltd.). Canon has a very English name kwanon, which means Guanyin. The company named its first 35mm range camera after that. So far, only one kwanon camera in the world has survived. Around 1936, the company officially launched the camera with Hansa canon as its brand. The word Canon contains the meaning of "grand ceremony, standard, standard". Since then, Canon has become a world-famous camera brand and symbol of the company. There is no doubt that the name of EOS (electronic optical system) is growing day by day. At present, EOS (electronic optical system) is not only the acronym of electronic optical system, but also a goddess called dawn in Greece.


Nikon company has a long history. It was founded on July 25, 1917. It is invested by Mitsubishi group and consists of three optical instrument factories. At that time, it mainly produced military optical instruments for the Japanese Ministry of defense. Nikon's name is a combination of Japanese 'Nippon' and 'optical' (kogaku), so it's also known as daylight company. In the early days of its establishment, several German optical technicians were employed and Nikkor lenses were produced in 1932. Many camera manufacturers use Nikon lenses, including the early canon.

Nikon digital camera imaging is very good for blue and green, so it is a great blessing for people who like to take pictures of scenery, because it can easily take pictures of blue sky and white clouds. In addition, many people say that Nikon's lens is sharp. Although there is no Nikon lens in the world's top ten civilian mirrors, because of its powerful focusing system, Nikon's photos always appear very clear.


Sony is one of the leaders in the fields of civil / professional audio-visual products, game products, communication products and information technology in the world. Its achievements in music, film and television, computer entertainment and online business also make it the world's leading personal broadband entertainment company. Sony camera is also one of Sony's high-quality products. Sony camera takes a high-end fashion avant-garde route. It has advanced CCD technology, high pixel in portability, anti shake and automatic capture of head image. Moreover, Sony camera also supports smiling face shutter, which can capture wonderful moments.

Many people think that Sony is not professional enough to make cameras. In fact, this is a very shallow understanding. We need to know that the first commercial digital camera in the world is Sony's, and Sony, which acquired Konica Minolta, has enough technical capabilities. Minolta and Sony have one thing in common: technological innovation. The concept of digital camera, autofocus and single point technology is the same.

Detailed use skills of digital camera

Using skills of digital camera: pay attention to setting camera parameters before shooting

Most digital cameras provide a variety of settings in the settings menu. Including image resolution, focusing mode, aperture, shutter and other items, the most commonly used is image resolution. Many cameras offer a variety of resolution options. For example, Agfa 1280 has five settings: 1280 & times; 960, 1024 & times; 768hi, 1024 & times; 768, 640 & times; 480hi and 640 & times; 480. Most cameras have a default setting. If you do not use the camera for a period of time, for example, after 30 minutes, the default setting will take effect automatically when you reboot. Therefore, before each shooting, especially after changing the battery, it is necessary to check the camera setting menu again to confirm the resolution, aperture and other settings, otherwise, it is likely that the photos taken will not achieve the expected effect.

Using skill of digital camera: try to shoot with the highest resolution

When using a digital camera, the resolution of the processed pictures is very limited - the same for high-end cameras, let alone low-end ones. In the middle of the low to mid range digital cameras, the resolution of the photos ranges from 640x480 to 800x600dpi. Compared with traditional cameras, this is not a very high resolution. But compared with the resolution of PC, it is very good. In fact, most web graphics are less than 640x480dpi. If we use this standard to measure, the resolution of the digital camera is still very good. But no matter what the function of the digital camera, the resolution that can be achieved is still limited.

Using skills of digital camera: correct use of light conditions

Most digital cameras can only take pictures in perfect light conditions. Before taking a picture, find the best possible lighting conditions.

Using more sensitive CCD chip is an effective way for digital camera to reduce the limitation of light conditions. Another factor in digital photography is that some types of light have different effects on different cameras, which is also true for conventional photography.

For low-end digital cameras, natural light is really the best. It's OK to use desk lamp and camera lamp, but you need to control the light to make it direct light, because the low resolution of light and camera will counteract the efforts to get excellent and continuous tone. In order to maximize the use of daylight without having to go outside to take photos, you can set up a table with a background made of a white poster board and place it beside the window to receive as much sunlight as possible during the day. At present, fully or partially clouded sunlight is the best light source for digital cameras.

Using skill of digital camera: use flash carefully

Many digital cameras have built-in flash lights. There are usually four settings: flash, no flash, anti red eye flash and auto flash. The last one is determined by the camera if additional light is needed. In many cases, the flash can damage a perfect picture or create errors that will be difficult to clear later.

For a digital camera, most of the auto flash happens in cloudy weather. Turn off the flash and increase the exposure to get better results. The flash is not as easy to control as the exposure. The light emitted by the flash is easy to reflect back from the nearby objects, forming uneven flares on the photos. Therefore, when taking pictures in cloudy weather or sunset (or other undesirable lighting conditions), please try to turn off the flash. The infrared light emitted by the flash will affect the image, because the image is processed by the CCD chip.

Using skill of digital camera: adjustment of color temperature

Friends who are familiar with traditional photography all know that color film can be divided into sunlight type and light type. The purpose is to apply to different light source environments. The color temperature of the sunlight greenhouse is 5000K, and the color temperature of the halogen quartz lamp is 3200K.