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How old does the baby talk normally? How to improve the baby's language expression ability?

The process of children's speaking seems to be an ordinary stage of growth, but in fact, it is a more important noisy development process. How old is it for children to talk? How to train their children's language expression ability? For mothers, we should teach more children to talk, train Baobao's language expression ability, and promote their brain development.

Some children speak early, and people around them boast that they are 'smart'; some children don't speak late, and people comfort and say 'noble people speak late'; some children can speak, but only speak monosyllabic, complex sentences can't speak, and cry.

How old is the baby learning to talk?

A. in fact, the baby's crying when he was born means that he first entered and began to 'speak' clearly. At first, he used his tongue, lips, upper jaw and any new long teeth to make a sound. The first month or two was' Oh 'and' ah '. Soon, he could babble.

B. at the age of 4-5 months, the baby may occasionally make the first sound of "Mom" or "Dad". Although it will definitely excite you, he has not really connected these words with you. It won't happen until he's about one year old.

C. 6-9 months old babies can speak more. When he mumbles or pronounces, it sounds like it makes sense. It's because he uses a similar tone and tone when talking to you. Read to your baby to encourage him to learn.

D. 12-17 months old baby can use one or two words, and know their meaning. He even practices changing his voice tone. When he asks questions, he raises his voice tone. For example, when a baby wants to be hugged, he says, & lsquo; hug? & rsquo;. He gradually realized the importance of speaking and the power of language in expressing his needs.

E. the vocabulary of 1.5-2-year-old children may have reached 200, many of which are nouns. Between 18 and 20 months, babies learn vocabulary 10 or more times a day. Some babies can learn a new word every hour and a half, so you should pay attention to your language expression.

F. 2.5-year-old babies will start to use "I" and "you". Between two or three years old, the baby's vocabulary will increase to 300 words. He can connect nouns with verbs to make simple but complete sentences.

G. by the age of 3, the baby will be able to talk continuously and adjust the intonation, speaking mode and words according to the interviewee.

How to train the baby to talk?

1-2 year old language training:

Give more stimulation to promote children's speech: side objects are good tools to teach children to learn language. Point these daily necessities or toys to the baby, tell him the names, uses, shapes, etc. of these things, and then ask the baby what they are, colors, uses, etc. This will not only help the baby learn some common sense of life, but also help him accumulate new terms, and promote the development of language.

Meet the requirements late half clap: baby wants something, often stare at it or use hands to grasp. At this time, instead of satisfying him immediately, the mother holds it in her hand and encourages the child to say what she wants. If the child can't say well, the mother can make a demonstration first, let the baby 'learn the tongue', and then give these things to the child.

Repeat the content: prepare a set of animal cards. After the baby knows the animals, ask him to tell his mother what's on each card. Also, with the help of a simple picture book, the mother tells the page and the baby repeats it, and then go on. All in all, take advantage of opportunities to open your baby's mouth.