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Where to go to Hangzhou on November 11, 2018

Many people will go to the West Lake as the first scenic spot in Hangzhou. After all, the West Lake is the tourist card of Hangzhou, and the love story between Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian also happened in you. In fact, there are many other places besides the West Lake in Hangzhou. What are the interesting places in Hangzhou? When the National Day holiday is coming, take a look. The following is to tell you that Hangzhou must go to the place here.

West Lake

The reputation of the West Lake should be a household name, and the West Lake is also the only 5A level tourist attraction that does not require tickets. It is the best place to visit the West Lake in summer. The famous "ten scenes of the West Lake" surround the lake, and the nature and culture complement each other, forming the core area of Hangzhou's travel. You don't have to be obsessed with visiting every scenic spot. Instead, you can spend half a day or a day strolling around the lake. No matter how you play, it will make you feel good.

Lingyin Temple

The environment of Lingyin Temple is very quiet. It can be regarded as a famous temple in Hangzhou. It is also the place where Ji Gong became a monk. In addition, there are many historical relics of different dynasties. It is said that people who come here to make a wish are very smart. Every day, there are many pilgrims who come to worship Buddha and pray for blessings. The temple often has a strong incense fire. Especially on the first day, the fifteenth day of the lunar new year or the peak of Buddhism, good men and women come from all directions And it's a sea of people.

Song city, Hangzhou

Song city is a theme park to show the culture of the Song Dynasty. The song city is worth watching. It takes about 1 hour each time, usually 2-3 times in the afternoon and evening. There are puppet shows, shadow puppet shows, and arena performances in the street. There are also armored soldiers patrolling the streets or arresting fugitives, which gives people a wonderful sense of crossing.

Qinghefang Street

Qinghefang street is suggested to come in the evening. The night scenery is more beautiful, and you can also eat a variety of snacks. It's also good to buy some small gifts. This commercial pedestrian block is not too large, and there are a wide variety of shops, which can be regarded as the epitome of the characteristics of Hangzhou city. The local specialties can be found here, and both tourists and local people often come here.

Leifeng Pagoda

We all know that Bai Niangzi is under the Leifeng Pagoda. If you want to savor the legend of Bai Niangzi, you can climb the Leifeng Tower and see the beautiful night view of the West Lake. The high view of Leifeng Tower is very good. You can not only see the panoramic view of the West Lake, but also overlook the whole picture of Jingci Temple opposite. Especially at night, the lights along the West Lake outline the whole west lake, and the scenery is fascinating.

Hangzhou must go to the place is these, Xiaobian is also a brief introduction of some, these are relatively hot spots in Hangzhou, want to go to Hangzhou travel friends can refer to this list.